2020 Catalog

"Dovetail Drawer Boxes"

Boxes ordered on the inch + 1/8", 1/4" &3/8" will have a full dovetail shown on the top edge of the box.

All other fraction sizes will have varying degrees of half dovetail clipping on the top edge of the box.



On the suppliedDovetail Drawer Box order form, indicate Wood Type. Choose fromthe options of assembly and finish. Indicate the amount, the width, the depth and the height. If there are diciders or fingerscoops, please indicate that as well. The formula for pricing is as follows: Determine box size, width, depth and height. Add the width and depth. Multiply by hright, then divide by 144 to arrive at the square footage of the box. Multiply by the appropriate material price and add design cost. Example: Box size: 13" wide x 21" deep x 4" high. Add 13 + 21 x 2 x 4 = 272 sq. inches Divide by 144 = 1.89 sq. feet 1.89 sq. feet x $9.18 ( red oak material cost) = 18.18 Add design ( Assembled) = 8.00 Total Box Charge =$26.18

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