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NewWords and Lots of Fun

about playing and introducing kids to music. They sing a goodbye song at the end of every class, and Audrey will sing along, too. It’s really cute.

A few weeks ago, my daughter started a new preschool program. It’s just three days a week, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., so she’s

I’m starting to realize that, unlike my wife and me, our daughter is not a homebody. Renee and I are both fairly low-key. When we have free time, we’d much rather lounge around at home. Audrey, meanwhile, gets cranky in the afternoon if we keep her around the house all day. I think she gets bored. When we take her out to do stuff, like music class, the park, or the Children’s Museum, she’s in much better spirits. Audrey has learned how to say “no,” which means she’s saying no to everything now. Even if you offer her something she wants, she’s probably just going to say no first, just because she can. I’ll get home and ask, “Do you want to give Dada a hug?” and get a decisive “No,” in response. But a little while later, she’ll run over to give me a hug; I just have to be patient. When she’s not saying no, Audrey enjoys throwing stuff on the floor and yelling “Boom!” She doesn’t throw anything fragile, thankfully. It’s usually just blocks. I don’t know why she started doing it, but apparently, she finds it very amusing. To be honest, I think it’s pretty cute, too.

home in time for her nap in the afternoon. Audrey hasn’t even turned 2 yet, so the program is less of a preschool with lessons and more of a day care with a focus on learning through play. Renee and I are really excited to have her in the program because play is so important when it comes to learning. Plus, the kids in the class are between 18 months and 2 years old, so she’ll be able to interact with kids her own age. Right now, Audrey is an only child, so programs like this, where she’s able to play with other kids, are good for her development. Audrey is a pretty cautious little kid. She’s an observer, I would say. When we take her someplace where there are other kids her age, like the Children's Museum, she’ll watch them for a while. After a fewminutes, Audrey will slowly ease her way into whatever they're doing, still a little hesitant. But once she’s in, she never wants to leave. We’ve been taking Audrey to a little music class once a week that she really enjoys. I’ve only been able to take her myself a few times, but fromwhat I’ve seen, she has a lot of fun. She’s not learning music theory or anything; it’s more “I’m starting to realize that, unlike my wife and me, our daughter is not a homebody.”

Not that I’m biased or anything, but Audrey is definitely the cutest kid in the world. I’m really glad I get to see her starting this new preschool programwhere she gets to play and learn new things. It’s really cool to see her so excited about the world as she grows up.

–Dr. Seth Evans

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