Animal Clinic of Kalispell - March 2020




Thanking Old Friends for New Faces

O nce upon a time, every new patient who walked into the clinic was my patient. This was a one- veterinarian show, which meant I got to know each person, dog, or cat who came in. Today, things are a little different. We’re a much bigger practice, and new patients tend to go to Dr. Corum or Dr. Ball. It’s nice to have two other veterinarians who can help take some of the workload, but at the same time, I miss seeing new patients and clients! Working with new people is a part of the job I’ve always enjoyed.

patient myself, I still want them to get the same care I would provide. I look for people who emulate what I do so patients and clients alike enjoy quality care on every visit. This is something I look for not just in the veterinarians I bring into the clinic but also in every member of my staff. It seems like I’ve been

When it comes to our pets, we don’t just walk into the nearest veterinarian’s office and hope for the best.

pretty successful in that mission because we’ve continued to grow. I know without a doubt that this growth is thanks to our current clients talking us up. We’ve experienced a lot of growth over the past year. Even during this winter, which is typically a slow time, we saw a steady stream of new clients. That’s amazing! Yeah, there have been some growing pains and we’ve heard plenty of complaints about the parking

Many of our new clients are Kalispell transplants. As someone who wasn’t born here but found his home in

Kalispell, it’s cool for me to see other people realize how special this town is. Of course, being new in town means having to find a brand-new veterinarian. When it comes to our pets, we don’t just walk into the nearest veterinarian’s office and hope for the best. We do some digging, checking out online reviews and asking around. When someone who is brand new to Kalispell walks into the clinic, I know they’re here because their new friends and neighbors — aka our current clients — have been talking so highly about us. That’s one of the best compliments I could ever receive.

lot being full, but for the most part, it’s been awesome. I can’t thank our new clients enough for being willing to give us a shot. More importantly, I will be forever grateful for our longtime clients who talk about us. Everything The Animal Clinic of Kalispell has become is thanks to you. As we enter spring, the season of growth, our goal as a clinic is to keep growing, which means we’re going to keep doing a good job. Every new client is a sign that we’re treating our current clients right, and that’s not something I’ll ever let change.

As the practice has grown, I’ve had to work hard to make sure I’m bringing the right people onto the team. Though I’m not seeing every



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