Brauns Law February 2019


Home Sweet Home Celebrating Atlanta

Did you know it’s been almost 20 years since Atlanta last hosted the Super Bowl? Super Bowl XXXIV was hosted at the Georgia Dome in 2000. This year, the gorgeous new Mercedes-Benz Stadium is hosting the Big Game for the first time. My wife and I won’t be attending the game — why deal with the traffic when we have a huge flat screen at home? — but as we discussed the upcoming Super Bowl, I realized that I reached an important milestone. Even though I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, I will no longer be cheering for the Ravens. My loyalty belongs solely to the Atlanta Falcons. This was when I realized that Atlanta had truly become my home. I moved to Atlanta shortly after my wife and I got married. We’d met in South Carolina, and at the time, Kaori was working for Bellsouth. The company approached her about relocating to Atlanta for work. Since we both wanted to live in a big city with southern hospitality, we decided to give Atlanta a try. I was in my late 20s when we first moved, and I pictured Atlanta as a fun, diverse city with a lot of stuff to do. I’m originally from Baltimore, up in the rust belt. You don’t get to see a lot of growth there. That’s an area whose heyday seems to be long in the past. Don’t get me wrong, my hometown holds a special place in my heart; it was a good place to grow up. But right from the start I could see a future in Atlanta. Over the last two decades, I’ve watched the city grow, and I don’t just mean with three new sports stadiums.

It’s thanks to the tremendous growth we’ve experienced that all kinds of industries are able to flourish here. There’s a reason this city is becoming a leader in finance, technology, music, and film. Everyone here is optimistic, driven, and full of ambition. Atlanta is a great place to be and offers huge opportunities. I see Atlanta differently today than I did when we first moved here. Every city has its problems, but overall, I think Atlanta has the makings of a top-five city. This is a great place to be with amazing opportunities around every corner. I’m excited to be part of the city’s growth and run my practice here. And above all else, I’m proud to call Atlanta my home. -David Brauns

“There’s an energy in Atlanta that I love.”

There’s an energy in Atlanta that I love. One cool thing about Atlanta is how much the people who live here want to be here. So many people here are transplants, drawn to the city by the mild winters, low cost of living, and the many opportunities that are opening up here. Sure, this means the traffic gets worse, but it also means that every day you can meet motivated people who have big dreams.


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