Pinnacle PT: Knee or Hip Pain While Walking

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Bend & Stretch As If You Never Had Pain! Managing Your Knee Or Hip Pain While Walking

Do you find it harder to walk, run or exercise? Is hip, knee or leg pain keeping you from being active? If so, understanding how your body walks and moves can be the key to putting the spring back in your step. Put the Spring Back in Your Step Think of your body as a big spring that stores and releases energy with every step. The efficiency of your walk comes from the effectiveness of your flexibility, strength, and balance. When any one of these is off, it affects your ability to walk efficiently and takes a lot of energy. This results in strain to different joints and makes muscles work much harder than they need to, which leads to possible pain in the back, hips, and knees. It also causes fatigue after walking, even for a little while. The Remedy When you walk, run and move, your hip and knee work together to allow you to move fluidly and accurately. When one of these joints and the associated muscle groups that make them move are not working

properly, pain can occur in different parts of the leg. Hip pain can leave you with limited movement and make walking painful. This pain may radiate to the groin, buttock or thigh. The simple solution is to put the spring back in your step. This is accomplished by first analyzing how you walk. There are slight changes in the way that you walk and move, that the trained medical experts at Pinnacle Physical Therapy can pick up on. This analysis tells us just what joints or muscles are stiff, stuck or weak. By pinpointing the exact areas of your body that are not moving as they should, we can make a plan to increase motion, strength and improve coordination. Our expert physical therapists at Pinnacle Physical Therapy understand the complexities of hip movement and function. We examine your walking, movement, range of motion, strength, and coordination. Our evaluations enable us to pinpoint the source of your pain and to develop a series of manual therapies and exercises to reduce your pain and restore normal function. Call us today to learn more!

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