Pinnacle PT: Knee or Hip Pain While Walking

Great Results from Postural Restoration Physical Therapy

It’s a gift to the North Idaho community that Stefanie is utilizing advanced manual and exercise application of PRI principles to bring the best long- term solutions to our patients, allowing them to get out of pain and realize their activity potential. She’s not only curing patients of pain, but equipping them with the tools to maintain optimal function and prevent future recurrences for a lifetime. Check out these fantastic wins she had with our patient Brian recently. “My reason for using Pinnacle services was that I was a referee for twenty-four years in four competitive sports during the academic year and recreation baseball/softball during the summer months. This finally had detrimental effects on my knee joints. This led to double knee replacement surgeries. I found that after the last surgery, I had no balance, my posture was nonexistent and my walk was awkward. Stefanie Wren took my case. After working with me for the year, I now have good posture. My balance is back and my walk is better than it ever was. I can attest to the professional knowledge and rigor of help on the part of the Pinnacle staff in solving the physical problems from surgical corrections to the body.” - Brian K.

We’re proud to offer a diverse team of physical therapists that are highly trained professionals in a variety of specialty areas. Some have intense interests in spinal care, others in treating shoulders, knees/hips and walking problems. What’s common is that they’re all adept at uncovering the root cause of your symptoms. Our therapists are, in essence, “PT Geeks”. Recently, Stefanie Wren, PT, DPT, has been ‘geeking out’ and taking a deeper dive into Postural Restoration Institute training to advance her skills in mastering pathologic human movement. She has recently completed a Postural Restoration educational course, and partakes in frequent online PRI clinical reasoning education in addition to deeply digesting PRI concepts through regular mentoring sessions with our owner Mark Bengtson, MPT. All of this intense study is geared towards providing patients with answers they can’t find elsewhere, giving them specific skills to address injuries and limitations, and returning them to a highly functional state - often better than before their issues began. Stefanie is acquiring awesome results with patients that have have lower back pain, piriformis syndromes, SIJ instability, shoulder and neck pain, pelvic floor weakness, hip impingement and lower leg problems.

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