A Guide to Registering a Birth

You will need to provide the following information: • place and date of the baby’s birth • full name and sex of the baby • parents’ full names and address/ addresses • place and date of birth for both parents • date of the parents’ marriage or civil partnership (if applicable) • parents’ occupations • mother’s maiden name (if applicable). Please bring the following documents with you: • a proof of identity for each parent (e.g. passport, birth certificate, deed poll, driving licence) • paperwork issued by the hospital proving that the birth has occurred (e.g. any hospital discharge papers).

You do not need to bring the following documents with you, but it is helpful if you are able to provide: • proof of marital status, if relevant (e.g. a marriage or civil partnership certificate) • proof of address (e.g. utility bill or Council Tax bill). Birth certificate The birth certificate contains both the baby’s and the parents’ details. Birth certificates cost £11 and you can purchase as many as you need. Payment is made when you book your appointment.You can purchase further copies at any time through our website www.rbkc.gov.uk/registrars . You can purchase further copies at any time from the Register Office. However, certificates cost more after registration. Please note that legislative changes can increase the cost of certificates at any time.

A Guide to Registering a Birth 5

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