CEO Warrior December 2018



Henry Ford’s groundbreaking contribution to the automotive industry was not the automobile … but the way the automobile was put together. Rather than using the same method of building cars that was used to build wagons and carriages, Ford hired people to do one simple job each — attach a wheel or install a seat — over and over again. McDonald’s restaurants had a similar innovation. They didn’t reinvent the burger; arguably, their burgers are no better than ones found at other restaurants. What made McDonald’s so successful was the way they handled customer orders. Rather than carefully crafting every burger and fry after an order was placed, they built systems allowing them to precook their food and assign team members to perform the same simple tasks over and over. Ford and McDonald’s create vastly different products, but the two companies actually work very similarly. Their massive success is built upon systems. SYSTEMS ARE THE SECRET SAUCE OF SUCCESS Want to start and grow a successful business? Create and implement systems to increase the likelihood of success. Systems provide businesses like Ford and McDonald’s — and your service business — with game-changing benefits. Systems ensure that your services are delivered more consistently for an improved customer experience. Systems allow your whole company to work more quickly and efficiently, which results in more revenue and higher profit. • •

• Systems reduce costly mistakes and callbacks by guaranteeing that all work is done with greater accuracy. Systems empower you to do more in less time, creating a greater volume of completed tasks, more customers served, and more leads generated, etc. Systems reduce the need for employees and clarify how tasks should be handled and by whom. Systems make work predictable, simple, and problem-free, which decreases chaos and stress for owners, managers, and employees. Over the years, I’ve built and taught many strategies to help businesses grow. One of my favorite ways to grow and transform a business is to implement systems. Systems are the “low-hanging fruit” of growth. They create massive improvements in a very short time, at a very low cost, and with notable results. When service-business owners discover just how powerful systems are, they often ask me two questions. QUESTION NO. 1: WHICH SYSTEMS SHOULD I IMPLEMENT FIRST? This is a great question. The answer isn’t simple. You see, some systems are as simple as a step-by-step checklist for how to answer the phone. Other systems are much more complex and have a further-reaching impact. Generally speaking, I suggest that service-business owners implement the following seven systems into their business: • • •

1. A recruiting system to finally eliminate the headache and

burden of trying to hire more team members

2. A lead-generation system to bring in more and more leads on autopilot 3. A service system (such as the CEO Warrior Framework For Service™ ) to ensure that every member of your team is consistently delivering top-notch service

4. An ethical selling system to

protect your company from slimy sales tactics and to sell more with powerful selling strategies

5. A financial system to help you build a financially strong and profitable business

6. A growth system to put your

business’ growth on autopilot (Yes — it is possible!)

7. An expansion system to turn your growing business into an empire Within each of these seven systems, there are many other potential systems. For example, CEO Warrior has built hundreds of systems that could fall within these seven categories and dozens upon dozens of systems that could fall outside of them. Here’s an interesting example of a system that CEO Warrior recently built. It’s made up of three tightly integrated systems called the DEFCON Management System™ and combines a callboard, a multifaceted prioritization system, and a color-coding system.

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