Media Kit 2019 (ENG)

The magazine contains the world presentations of the prominent foreign brands covered by our journalists and the information about the novelties by the domestic automotive industry. The ComTrans magazine has been and remains the best magazine of the transport sphere in Russia!


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The magazine’s editor-in-chief is Alexander Solntsev, a permanent anchorman and the jury’s president of the annual contest «The Best Commercial Vehicle of the Year in Russia».

Target audience:


Analytics: the market of commercial transportmanufacturing and sales in Russia and in the world, Major trends, expert views. Event: review of the major exhibitions in the world: Futuroad Expo (Казахстан, Астана); MIMS Automechanika Moscow (Москва); COMTRANS (Москва); BUSWORLD (Бельгия, Брюссель)

Our audience includes the specialists of automotive transportsphere regardless of their position and rank as the topics highlighted in the magazine are interesting both for directors and drivers. The ComTrans magazine has been and remains the best magazine of the transport sphere in Russia! The magazine has been published

Comtrans-run/trip: testing of the novelties of domesticand foreign automotive industry.

since 1999 with a circulation of 15,000 copies, being issued 6 times a year. According to a survey of visitors to the COMTRANS 2017 exhibition, 40% of the interviewed professionals preferred the magazine "ComTrans" to other printed publications for obtaining industry information. OUR READERS – BOTH DRIVERS AND DIRECTORS.

Exploitation: automotive vehicles users’ experienceaccompanied by vivid examples, professional opinionsand statistics.

Special vehicles: the market overview, the novelties andexploitation of construction machinery and other automotivespecial vehicles. Manufacturing: the news about Russian and foreign manufacturers, analytics and statistical data. The peculiarities of technologies, manufacturing, qualitative safeguards methods, guarantee and serviceissues, the approaches of domestic and foreign manufacturers to dealing with these aspects. Bus overview: a sort of «a magazine within the magazine» – «AutoBus», the bus overiew. The bus industry news from all over the world, the noveltiesof domestic and foreign manufacturers. Presentation: the new and upgraded models of automobiles appear in the market. What are the characteristics of this particular model? What aboutits

advantages and disadvantages, right and wrong construction features? The section gives the answers to these questions and, in some cases, undertakes an economic analysis. Truck Stop: truck races, history of technical equipment and prominent automobiles, exotic. TruckCompetence: components, spare parts, maintenance technologies, automotive service equipment. ComTrans magazine is a General media partner of the contest "The Best Commercial vehicle of the year "

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