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April 2018

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Pay It Forward

Several months ago, my daughter was picking up food at a restaurant. When she got to the register, she placed her order. But as she went to pay, she was told by the cashier that her meal had already been covered. The person in front of her had paid for her food. No act of

fortune to others. So, we gave our employees a stress-free way to pay it forward.

she started the job, the woman’s phone broke. Using her $100, Jayme gave the woman the money to buy a replacement phone, which just happened to cost $99. This allowed the woman to keep and save the $100 she was making from her work. It made a big difference to her. Kelsey used her money to purchase food for a man who is homeless. Julia also thought of those without a home, and she donated her money to the Homeless Coalition. Jessica used her money at the grocery store to anonymously purchase groceries for others. She noticed one young couple who were buying a birthday cake for their child. Jessica used some of the money to purchase the cake for them. Another man was carefully counting out his money to buy a meal and something to drink, when Jessica quietly paid for his food. Hearing about our staff’s random acts of kindness was so inspirational and heartwarming, and we know it made them feel good as well. It reminds us that there are endless ways to share our good fortune with others, and we are determined to pay it forward more often this year. Lona used the $100 to buy gift cards for some of our former patients.

As part of our Christmas party, we gave everyone $100 in an envelope and asked them to pay it forward in whatever way they saw fit.

Has someone ever done this for you? Or have you done it for the person in line behind you? Doesn’t this random act of kindness feel so nice, whether you’re on the giving or the receiving end? Being charitable produces positive feelings for everyone involved — even the person at the register. There’s no motive for spontaneous kindness other than sharing happiness with others. It is often called “paying it forward.” We feel very fortunate for the positivity our team and patients infuse into our lives every day, and we wanted to spread that good

The best part? It was undoubtedly seeing the generous, life-changing ways our staff put that concept into action. Abby heard about a girl who had been adopted by a local person. At 18 years old, the girl was getting the opportunity to go to college. Abby used her $100 to put together a basket of items that would be helpful to the girl as she starts the next, exciting phase of her life. Jayme knew of a woman who was doing some work for her family and was going to make $100 from the job. Well, around the same time that

How will you pay it forward?

–Bart Jones

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