IACC-Re-imagining Conference Refreshment Breaks

ADVANCE ORDERING The concept of attendees of meetings making choices in advance and the potential for these choices to be shared with the venue via a technology platform or app is an interesting one. It led the task force to address the question as to what technologies are available to take individual orders in advance. We know that large scale event venues such as sporting stadiums have now mastered the art of advance ordering for intervals and this has led to efficiencies in service and reduced food waste. ConciergeHub based out of the UK claim they are changing the way guests interact with hotels, conference centres and venues through a suite of contactless guest services. Using a cloud-based, app-less solution that is loaded onto the attendees phone via QR code, Wi-Fi, email, links or through social channels, they can reach people quickly, easily and in a smarter, more cost effective way.

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IACCmeetings.com: A guide to re-imagining conference refreshment breaks

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