IACC-Re-imagining Conference Refreshment Breaks

ConciergeHub can support venues worldwide, in multi-language/ multi-currency formats, delivering the ability to allow attendees to live order their F&B on the day, during their meetings and conferences, or via a pre-order link which can be shared before arrival. The UK specialist also offers features such as live chat, allowing two way conversation between venue and attendee. IACC is excited to see serious steps made in developing sophisticated solutions for managing the food needs of meeting attendees in more direct and accurate ways. Maybe resulting in never needing to ask a meeting organiser to choose for their attendees in the future? In addition to specialised ordering solutions, consider how event apps and audience particpation technologies can be used to help in obtaining pre orders. . Automated Dispensing Products are appearing on the market now, which embrace the current environment and can also lead to streamlined service post pandemic. TopBrewer is one of these, having developed bean to cup dispensers which work with ibeacon and an App, where you approach the machine, the app asks you for your drink choice and then dispenses it. Advance information, advance ordering and contactless service. Visit IACCmeetings.com to download the sister guide to re-imagining conference lunches

IACC certification is the leading quality standard that gives those who arrange meetings and conferences the confidence they are in expert hands.

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IACCmeetings.com: A guide to re-imagining conference refreshment breaks

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