Hearing Center of Long Island June 2017

Dare to Dream

There’s No Time Like the Present You’ve spent the last 20 to 30 years looking ahead, saving up for retirement, and making smart investments. Now your kids have left the nest, leaving you with more time and disposable income than you’ve had in years. You’re entering a new phase of life, which makes now the perfect time to pick up the long-forgotten dreams you’ve laid aside for so many years. It’s time to make a bucket list. Where to Start This is not about kicking the bucket. You’re nowhere near that phase in your life. Your bucket list is for reassessing and revamping your goals. It’s about exploring and embracing your once impractical and now achievable dreams. So where do you start? Throw a bucket list party. Gather your friends and family around. Make sure the group is made

up of loved ones who believe in you and in each other. Don’t forget to invite that one friend — the one who believes a crazy scheme is just another word for adventure. Supportive friends and family are a major asset when it comes to bucket listing. List Away Pick something to write in or on. Anything works. From a designated notebook to a party napkin, choose whatever suits your fancy. Then list away. This exercise is about freedom from inhibitions, which is why it’s called a bucket list instead of a to-do list. Write down anything and everything you desperately want to see or do during your final years. Need ideas? Travel and Leisure’s article, “The Ultimate Travel and Leisure Bucket List,” is filled with ideas inspired by their employees’ bucket lists. From taking In elementary school it was a struggle to learn to read and spell. To this day, if someone tells me to “sound it out,” I shudder. I endured four surgeries and speech therapy to improve my pronunciation in an effort to move up the corporate ladder. On January 12, I received my 10th or 11th set of hearing aids. These aids are the latest and the greatest in hearing aid technology. After Dr. Larry calibrated the aids to my hearing loss, I preceded to drive home. I heard, for the first time, my directional signal and windshield wipers. I was, and still am, thrilled. I went to dinner with some friends. Background noise was not an issue any longer. It has always been difficult for me to understand foreign accents. I went to see the movie “Lion.” The first part of the movie was in subtitles. The

a food tour in Sicily, Italy, to visiting a traveler-run post office in the Galapagos, you’ll find dozens of unique ideas. Or visit bucketlist.org, which provides more than 4 million bucket list suggestions. It also features bucket list tracking software and the opportunity to connect with like- minded adventurers.

What Our Patients Are Saying

second part of the film was set in Australia. I understood every word. I’m saving the best for last. No more putting the speaker on your landline phone to understand language. Dr. Larry sets up your hearing aid to receive the audio into your hearing aids with no feedback noises. Bluetooth technology allows you to receive audio directly into your hearing aids from your cellphone. I have the Bluetooth setup for my cellphone and iPad. I can watch Netflix without disturbing anyone in my family. Have your Bluetooth hearing aids paired with your TV. Now your family can watch TV with the volume at any level they are comfortable with while you hear clearly and comfortably through your hearing aids. As I stated above, my life has really changed for the better. Thank you, Dr. Larry!

Susan and Dr. Larry

On January 12 of this year, my life changed for the better. Let me explain.

When I was a child, I contracted measles compounded with strep throat. My parents and family doctor were concerned for my vision, not thinking the high fevers would affect my hearing, which was in fact damaged.

- Susan Carlucci, Lynbrook NY

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