Albrecht Law - December 2019


December 2019

A New (yet Familiar) Face Marye Scott Becomes Associate Attorney at Albrecht Law

I’m proud to announce a recent addition to Albrecht Law Firm. Our former law clerk, Marye Scott, has become our newest associate attorney! Marye has been with our firm since 2017, and I have no doubt she will continue her dedication to our clients in her new role. Marye has this rare combination of passion to help others and the intellect to back it up. In my experience, it’s difficult to find law students who have the skills to be great at research and writing and the personal skills that bring comfort and support to clients. Marye has both. Marye has continued to learn more, and David, Evan, and I are excited to continue mentoring her. But rather than me going on and on about Marye, I asked her to share her story. Marye’s Path to Albrecht Law As the oldest child of five, my mom used to joke that I was very good at arguing and using that to my advantage. Growing up on a farm, the only path I knew was the one that led you back to the farm. Everyone I knew became farmers, and given the other circumstances I grew up with, I never considered college as an option. As I got older, I broadened my horizons, and I discovered that college was a possibility for me. So, during my undergraduate studies, I volunteered at the Attorney General’s office,

me to tell him about myself. He told me he didn’t care what my resume said. Instead, he wanted to know who I was and how I would fit into his practice. From there, our philosophies clicked, and I could tell Matt’s emphasis on serving others was a viewpoint we shared. Since 2017, I’ve been working at Albrecht Law Firm as a law clerk. I could not have asked for a better office community — they’re basically my second family — and I truly enjoy getting up and going to work each day. I was lucky enough to have nearly everyone at the office cheering for me at my law school graduation, and I was humbled to see them again at my swearing-in ceremony at Gonzaga. I’m so excited to continue learning as much as I can from Matt, David, Evan, and everyone else here at the firm. It’s an honor to be mentored by them, and I am looking forward to making a difference in the lives of my clients, just like this team has done for so many years. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

and I soon discovered my knack for arguing wasn’t just family lore. I wanted to pursue law.

Once again, I had never considered a law career. I wasn’t someone who fit into the mold of traditional lawyers — you know, Perry Mason’s impassioned fights in court — but something felt right when I was volunteering. With that in mind, I finished my studies, and I took a paralegal job with a firm in Bellingham, Washington. I was incredibly lucky to have a supportive team at that practice. One day, my former boss said to me, “You’ve maxed out. I’m firing you, and I’m sending you to law school.” Afterward, he helped me apply, paid application fees, and said goodbye. I cannot thank that man enough for what he did for me because it ultimately led me to where I am today. After my first year of law school, I had applied for various positions with other firms. I had received a few job offers, but nothing seemed to fit. That’s when I met Matt Albrecht and found Albrecht Law Firm. Matt had a different interview style than I was used to. In our interview, he flipped my resume over and asked

This Month’s Happiest Client!

Matt is an excellent advocate. He is someone you can trust to do his best. I recommend him without reservation. -James S. | 1 –Matt Albrecht and Marye Scott

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