Mountain Rescue Magazine Winter 2021


runner who is also an A&E doctor. She recognised the tendonitis immediately and knew it was going to get more and more painful but agreed with my giving it my best shot. When the first leg took 8.5 rather than 7

Our Autumn issue included a brief report on Ross Jenkin and his epic Big 4 at 40 ultra run. As Ross plans a second attempt for 2021, Sally Seed talked to him about the background to his amazing challenge.

ROSS IS HOPING TO RAISE HIS TARGET OF £15,000 WITH THE BIG 4 AT 40 IN 2021 AND THE MONEY WILL BE DIVIDED BETWEEN THREE CHARITIES: CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably): ‘Ultra running is a calm place to be and I’ve realised that a lot of people in the sport, including me, have mental health issues. Running makes a difference so it makes sense to support this charity by running.’ The Dogs’ Trust: ‘I’ve had a rescue dog myself and there are fears that about 40,000 dogs are likely to be abandoned after Covid-19 so charities that look after them and connect them with new homes and owners are going to need a lot of support.’ Mountain Rescue England and Wales, Lochaber MRT, Lagan Search and Rescue: ‘I hope I never have to call on mountain rescue but, if I needed them, I’d like them to be as well-funded and equipped as possible!’ If you or anyone you know would like to support him, his online giving page is at And we’ll try to make a connection with Ross’s second attempt later in the year so that you can follow his progress. A NOTE OF THANKS TO THE COMPANIES WHO SUPPORTED HIM ALONG THE WAY As with any expedition or major challenge, a lot of companies have supported Ross in kind. He’d like to ensure that they are credited: Dynafit (Salewa) for their clothing and footwear, Coros for Ross’s GPS watch, Saxx for base layer (aka underwear), Injinji for toed socks, Voom Nutrition for a constant supply of energy bars, Castle Embroidery Kendal, Bowness Bay Brewing, Petzl, and Sidas UK.

hours, and every descent was excruciating, I should probably have given up but persevered.’ Ross hobbled on, getting slower and slower, refusing to give up. Towards the end, his ankles had swollen to the same size as his calves and he was going no more than half a mile an hour. ‘Thirty-seven and a half hours later, I was undernourished, dehydrated and surviving on painkillers but back in Capel Curig. I’d completed the route but we all recognised that the Bob Graham, my final challenge, was not an option any time soon. The sunset that evening in North Wales was stunning and, although bitterly disappointed, it seemed a good place to stop before I did any permanent damage.’ So what next? Ross has raised almost £7,000 of his £15,000 fundraising target, even without completing the full challenge but he’s determined to reach that target in 2021. ‘If we can set it all up again for June, as we’d originally planned for 2020, I’m hopeful we’ll get better weather as well and longer days of daylight. Most of those who supported me on the Scottish, Irish and Welsh routes are keen to help again and, as long as I’m fully fit, I’m keen to give it a try. With better conditions in Scotland, a more considered pace in Northern Ireland and less pain in Wales, I think all four can be done in a week and I’m still keen to be the one who does it first!’ ✪

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