Briarfield Dental - July/August 2019

July/August 2019


Memories of Man’s Best Friend

Summer took a little while to get started, but we’re certainly feeling the heat now. The hottest days of the season are called the “dog days of summer.” This has nothing to do with real dogs and is instead named after the rising of Sirius, the “dog star.” While the season might not be named for real canines, it inspired me to share some stories of the good dogs I’ve spent some of my days with. My mom loved pugs, so there was always a pug around when I was growing up. One of the last pugs we had in my childhood was named Misty. This dog would eat everything except for pickles or bananas, including things she really shouldn’t have eaten. Despite her questionable diet, Misty ended up living old enough to be blind and deaf. She was still a happy dog and able to get along just fine by following the wall and the placement of the furniture. That is until my mom decided to rearrange the furniture. Poor Misty got totally lost! Mom had to move all the furniture back to where it was before and left it alone for the rest of Misty’s life. Other than when I was in college and dental school, I’ve always had a dog. After Melody and I got married and had kids, it wasn’t long before we brought a dog into the house. Our first family dog was Barney. The boys named him, though not after the purple dinosaur. Some other children’s TV character they liked had the same name. Barney was a real gem. He was so patient with the boys, even when they were little. We never had to worry about the kids being around Barney. He loved them, even when they tried to tug on his ears. We’ve been fortunate to have some really good, mild- mannered dogs over the years. After Barney,





Marley & Izzy (as a pup)

we had a golden retriever, Marley, and later a Bernese mountain dog named Izzy. Every dog we’ve had has been a big, fluffy, lovable, loyal, wonderful pet. Today, Melody and I share our house with a Bernedoodle named Maizey. She has the most

personality out of any dog we’ve ever had. We call her our cartoon dog because she’s a cross between Tigger from “Winnie the Pooh” and Kramer from “Seinfeld!” Maizey is funny and intelligent, which means she does tricks at the drop of a hat. But it also means she’s a little too smart for her own good sometimes. Maizey loves riding in the car. Not long ago, I called for her in the house, but she didn’t come running. I searched the whole house and the yard but couldn’t find her anywhere. I was afraid she’d gotten loose, so I hurried to the garage to get in the car and start searching the neighborhood. That’s when I spotted her

sitting in my car, just looking out the window! These kinds of shenanigans are the reason Maizey has her own Instagram account: @ MischiefWithMaizey. Dogs are amazing creatures. When I walk in the door after a long day, it feels good to be greeted by a dog who is so excited to see me. That’s the magic of dogs, I guess. They love and live in the moment. During these dog days of summer, be sure to give the dogs in your life an extra belly scratch. Having them around sure does make every day a little better. –Dr. Stuckey

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