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2. FIND OUT WHAT YOUR COMPETITION IS DOING: Taking a close look at your biggest competitors, and at practices like yours in other cities, can give you valuable ideas for improving your marketing. Ask questions like, “What is their ad copy like?” and “What is their latest offer?” and brainstorm ways to improve your paid traffic ROI based on what you find. 3. START AWINBACK CAMPAIGN: To rapidly increase your client roster, pull a list of everyone who expressed interest in your services in 2019 but didn’t convert. Then, launch a winback campaign by emailing them a limited-time offer with significant savings. Follow up with anyone who doesn’t answer the email by texting them using, which makes it easy for recipients to express their interest simply by To make it easier for you to follow through on these resolutions, I’ve put together a bundle of resources for you that I’m calling the Kickoff 2020 Package . It includes a 48-point checklist of ideas for doubling your LASIK volume; our in-depth, meticulous research on the advertisements put out by LASIK practices in cities nationwide; and even a series of three email templates you can use for your winback campaign. Head to today to download the full bundle. Best of luck on those endeavors, and frommy team to yours, Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring for all of us. typing “YES.” I’ve seen this method bring in dozens of new clients in a matter of hours!

When I left King LASIK in 2017 to start LASIK Marketing Agency, my goal was to help as many ophthalmologists as possible. For years, I’d watched dedicated, brilliant doctors struggle to market their valuable services, and I knew I could make a difference in their lives and businesses by leveraging my marketing expertise. Since striking out on my own, I’ve certainly been able to help more ophthalmologists than I could at King LASIK, but in the last year, I’ve realized that’s not enough. For 2020, my New Year’s resolution is to launch additional creative, versatile programs that will let me reach even more elective surgeons in the LASIK field and beyond. I’ve already put the wheels in motion on a few of these projects, and I can’t wait to share them with you! One, the Clinic Marketing System Course, will give participants access to my team’s vast array of marketing resources (including templates, landing page designs, and strategic insights for paid traffic) and our team of experts, who will help diagnose issues and brainstorm volume-building ideas tailored specifically to elective surgeons. The other initiative, the Clinic Marketing Mastermind, will offer an intimate group of business owners direct access to me to field their ideas, questions, and concerns, as well as opportunities to network with each other as they grow their clinics. Keep a close eye on future editions of this newsletter and our website,, for updates on these packages and their launch dates! In the meantime, I have a few suggestions for resolutions you might make to grow your business in 2020. To give your clinic the best odds of thriving this year, resolve to do these three things: 1. TEST NEWMARKETING STRATEGIES:

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“For 2020, my New Year’s resolution is to launch additional creative, versatile programs that will let me reach even more elective surgeons in the LASIK field and beyond.”

– Michael King

There are thousands of marketing strategies out there, and dozens of them could work for you. You’ll never know what works until you try it!



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