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APRIL 2019



We have a wonderful team here at Peak Performance Sports and Spine, and I wanted our readers to have a chance to learn more about them. That’s why, for this month’s newsletter edition, we’ll be featuring one of our team members, Thad Callaghan. Thad is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and he is very dedicated to helping our patients recover so they can get back to their daily active lives. I became interested in physical therapy at a young age, after learning firsthand about the profound benefits it can have on a person’s health. Thanks to my personal experiences, I have long known this would be a great career for me. My mom has endured an incurable degenerative neurological disease for years. Physical therapy sessions and exercise in general, have been among the most effective of all the treatments she has undergone. I see the positive difference an active approach to medicine has provided her. From a more personal standpoint, I have been involved with physical therapy/ rehabilitative medicine since I was in 8th grade. Injuries became a regular part of my life playing sports growing up, and I would often go to a physical therapist for treatment. During these sessions I was able to see the expertise of my clinicians and their ability to structure individualized plans that helped me get back to what I wanted to do in a timely fashion. I’ve had nothing but positive influences from –Greg Huefner

physical therapy, and have long known I wanted to be part of something that is genuinely good for people. When I went to college, I was intent on earning a physical therapy degree. I went to Whitworth University and Central Washington University, earning my Bachelor of Science in Clinical Physiology. In 2017, I graduated from Eastern Washington University with my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. During my time spent as an undergrad, I was required to do job shadowing to continue with my physical therapy education. When I was first looking around, someone recommended that I contact Peak Performance Sports and Spine, which was my introduction to Greg and his clinic. After graduating and reconnecting with the clinic, Greg offered me a position as a physical therapist, and I took him up on his offer. In my first year out of PT school, I spent a lot of time with him, completing an intensive continuing education program pertaining to concussion management. I had always been interested in the subject, and after discussing this interest with Greg, we both decided to learn more about it. Diving in, I was fascinated to learn the intricacies of concussions and the different clinical trajectories a person with concussion can take. At this point, comprehensive concussion management services are lacking in the valley, and there are few healthcare professionals actively treating patients with concussion symptoms. Having

played football, I know how frequently concussions can occur in sports but now realize how often they occur in other populations as well. This is why Greg and I want to learn as much as we can about concussion management: so that we can treat and provide the appropriate referral when necessary. One of the best parts of my career is helping my patients recover from injury. It means a lot to me when patients really invest in their recovery, and I love that I can make a positive difference in their lives. life is spending time with my family. Currently, my spouse, Kasie, and I are putting the finishing touches on our home, something we’ve been working on for quite a while. When we’re not working on the house, I enjoy playing with my two-year-old son, Brady and looking forward to having our second son, Charlie sometime early this May. While the best part of my work is seeing my patients heal, the best part of my

–Thad Callaghan

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