“I like the idea of actually putting myself to use for the good of other people.”


Andy Hershey, Owen Horvath, and Ryan King serve together in Crisfield, Maryland.

Generations of heart for service

Three generations converged by surprise on an MDS job site. Not quite family—but nearly so—Ryan King, Andy Hershey, and Owen Horvath are part of a service mentorship circle that goes back nearly 20 years. Ryan King, who teaches construction at the Lancaster Mennonite School in Pennsylvania, supervised his students—all 17 or 18 years old—as they built 10 wall segments inside the classroom, learning in the process how to measure and cut, drill holes, drive screws, and allot space for windows. On June 6, the walls were transported to Crisfield, Maryland, where they were turned into a home for flood survivor Kay Welch, who had water up to the third floor of

Meaningful mentorship instills a service mindset that transforms the lives of disaster survivors


behind the hammer

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