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COLLEGE • is s c i e n t i f i c in its

academic approach and in it s e d u c a ­ tional methods. BOB J O N E S C O L L E G E . has BOB J O N E S C O L L E G E • i does n o t BOB J O N E S C O L L E G E . > . emphasizes

. . . • A MODERN PLANT—eight new buildings in seven years • A SCHOLARLY FACULTY—specialists in their fields • ADEQUATE LIBRARY AND LABORATORIES-keeping apace with modern knowledge : [ ^ . . . substitute the guesses of pseudo-science for the authority of the Word of God— „ * subscribe to the modern satanic and pagan philosophy of lack of self-restraint — “do as you please, live your own life.” . . . spiritual and eternal values— recognizing that many priceless and unchanging truths cannot be analysed in laboratories or fused in test tubes. • • • Located in the beautiful Tennessee Valley section of the Old South. Dormitory attendance limited to five hundred students selected from practically every state in the Union and a number of foreign countries. A wide variety of courses offered includes four-year college course . . . four- year high school course— four-year secondary teachers course— two-year ele­ mentary teachers course— one-year business and secretarial course. • • • . . v 'V ■ / ■ -■ ■ - • m Bob Jones College is fully accredited as a four-year institution by the Depart­ ment of Education of the State of Tennessee. Credits are accepted by lead­ ing universities and graduate schools in all sections of the country. • • • FOR INFORMATION AND CATALOGUE WRITE

Violin, voice, piano, speech, pipe organ without1additional cost.

Dr. Bob Jones, Jr., Acting President, BOB JONES COLLEGE CLEVELAND. TENN.

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