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Summer is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier here at Marcus Vaden Law. As long as you find a way to beat the heat, you’re bound to have plenty of fun this summer. No matter what your plans are, don’t let the chaos of summertime get in the way of another important yearly tradition: Father’s Day. We can’t even begin to explain how important family is to us at our firm. Ultimately, it is the reason we work tirelessly for our clients day in, day out. While my father passed away when I was 11, I’ll never forget the lessons he passed on to me. There’s never been a better time to let your dad know just how special he is this upcoming Father’s Day. If you really want to see him light up, consider one of these special gift ideas from our families to yours. HOMEMADE PIE This is sure to be something your dad won’t see coming. Whether he has a sweet tooth or not, there are dozens of pie recipes out there to send himhome happy. A good home-baked dessert can be one of the definingmoments of any occasion, especially after a long day in the summer heat. Not to be ignored, it also shows your loved ones just howmuch you care. Taking the time to carefully plan out and bake a pie is the perfect way to send your love. If the recipes prove to be a little too confusing for your level of baking skills, we won’t tell him if you decide to scurry on over to the local bakery to pick up his favorite. TICKETS TO A FOOTBALL GAME As far as I’m concerned, this is Dallas Cowboys’ country. That’s why I jokingly call them“God’s team.” For me, it just makes sense. Jokes aside, there is nothing more exciting or all-American than going to a football game with the people

you love. The Dallas Cowboys’ stadium is perfect for just that. From the roar of the crowd to the ice-cold drink in your hands, there are few things in this life that make for a better time than spending an afternoon cheering on your favorite team. If you don’t care much for the Cowboys, there’s no shortage of local or college teams to cheer on once the fall rolls around. The best news is that buying your tickets now can save you plenty of time, hassle, and money when game day approaches! COOKOUT TOOLS All dads love a good cookout. From coast to coast, cooking out is a rite of passage this time of year. Luckily, you can always count on your dad being short a few much-needed materials for the perfect day on the grill. Whether you grab him a few perfect rib-eyes or even a new stylish apron, he’s sure to light up when he gets behind the grill for an afternoon with the ones he loves the most. Don’t worry about finding the perfect match; the gesture alone is sure to show him how much you care. A TROUT FISHING TRIP There’s nothing quite like trout fishing on the Norfork River. The sweet relief of the cool water

combined with the excitement of reeling in your first catch of the day makes memories that are sure to last a lifetime. Whether your dad is a professional fisherman or doesn’t know heads or tails of a rod, spending quality time with your old man can be the best gift of all. MAN CRATES For personalized gifts shipped right to your door, there’s no better option than Man Crates. For the outdoorsy dad or the craft beer enthusiast, there’s a little something for everyone with these customized crates. The website allows you to create your own boxes filled with all kinds of goodies. With beef jerky, seasonings, bar supplies, barbecue sauce, and more, their extensive inventory offers just the right combination for your dad. If his interests are always changing, you can choose from their many prepackaged best-sellers. Happy Father’s Day, everyone, fromour families at Marcus Vaden Law to yours. For all your legal needs, give us a call at 501-354-4577 or visit our website anytime at If we can’t help you, we’ll partner you with someone who can.

-Marcus Vaden

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sign a document relieving the other driver of any further liability. If the amount you receive is less than the full limits of the other driver’s insurance policy, it will likely be the only amount you will receive. If your injuries are greater than the other driver’s policy limits, you can make a claim for additional benefits from your insurance policy if you have underinsured auto coverage. Be sure to text your questions to 501-354-4577. I’ll answer them in my fur-ee time!

Hi, it’s Griz again. Each month, I get to answer a dif-fur-ent question for my dad, Marcus. Today’s questions is: What happens if you accept the money from the other driver’s insurance company? When you accept money from the other driver’s insurance company, you will be required to

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