Considering College


Scholarship, research, artistic expression, service of every kind all impact university life. No university of any kind, at any level, that does not value these activities that extend the frontiers of human insight, is not a good university. However, as important and central as these actions are they do not supplant the ultimate purpose and value of a university. The foundation lies in increasing the effectiveness of teaching students, from freshman through postdoctoral studies. Teaching is the first purpose of the University . Commitments to value good teaching begin in high schools that value the relationship between teachers and students. Teaching is a form of leadership. I have never found a good teacher who was not a good leader. And likewise I have never met a good leader who didn’t have the ability and desire to teach. Many institutions treat teaching for research and scholarship, and teaching for vocational skill as different realities. All good universities teach, in every subject area, in a way that also provides useful skills. There is, thankfully, a resurgence in how people value useful skills in high school.

When considering college :

-Look for a strong commitment to teaching , and appreciation for the border between late adolescence and a productive life, one that values citizenship. Without these things little education is attainable. Whiteface, Texas -A college should value craft and skill, in intellectual and vocational pursuits . It is part of what makes a society work. According to the history of the Jews from the Babylonian captivity to the present time, Rabbi Judah said, “He who teaches not his son a trade, does as if he taught him to be a thief.” Lubbock, Texas -A place that teaches determination, humility, and respect for others while seeking to improve one’s station in life are traits taught and learned and should be the goal. In every area of subject matter, from algebra to zoology these fundamentals are part of good teaching. Pampa, Texas


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