Considering College


The world is detached from place through the Internet and related technological wizardry, which to be fair, I utilize every day. It is a form of “level ground” from one place to the next. However, we can lose the power of location, place, geography, natural environment, and physical setting that combine to differentiate one place from another. Places look relatively similar on computer screens and cell phones. However, they are not. The identity of place in the old-fashioned geographic context is important in university education. Even with Internet delivery of instruction, faculty should be connected to the place from which the instruction originates. In the simplest sense of the word, it “grounds” them in a particular reality. Devoid of that reality, instruction and the accompanying intellectual, moral and emotional growth can become disembodied. Successful universities value the place where they are. T hey don’t pine for another place, but gain power from the place where they exist . That power of place is transferred to graduates one student at a time. It infects the future of the student.

When considering college : -If the people on campus don’t appear to appreciate the place, have a commitment to it, know something of its history and its citizens, and demonstrate pride in being there, it will not be a good place to study. Gail, Texas - The best institutions have a frontier attitude, they welcome new ideas, realize the importance of joining, and appreciate the combination of individual experience and community life. Strength in each leads to power in both. Booker, Texas


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