Considering College


A number of suggestions follow in this e-book. The overriding concern of a student when seeking a place to study should answer a very direct question: Do the academic programs offered meet my aspirations for the future and the kind of life I want to live? The most serious attention should be given to academic quality offered and the fit between personal aspirations, abilities and goals. These considerations should be central in all that follows. I recommend you ask the following questions of the institution and yourself: 1. Does it appear that the cost of the education offered is affordable and in line with the kind of job opportunities presented? 2. Will the institution be responsive to my aspirations? 3. Is there a concern for the practicalities involved in university study and the big ideas of life purpose? 4. Can I become part of something that’s larger than myself? 5. Is the University careful with its resources? 6. Teaching should be paramount. Does that seem to be the case? 7. Are there services to help me find a job at the conclusion of study? 8. Does the campus promote the idea of hard, meaningful work? 9. Is the campus alive with a commitment to people or is it choked by bureaucracy? 10. What is noble citizenship and does the campus value it? 11. Do the people encountered seem to like the place? 12. Are new ideas valued for how they shape me and the larger society? 13. Is the idea of family in every manifestation important to the University? 14. Are a range of students, from recent high school graduates to adults of various ages, part of the learning atmosphere of the University? These are a few of the things that should be on your mind as you seek a place to study. If you can answer these questions to your satisfaction you will likely be challenged and grow from your experience.


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