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A few months into working with Danielle, I found out something shocking — I had unknowingly started a law firm with a New Orleans Saints fan! I was born and raised in Atlanta, which means my team is, by default, the Atlanta Falcons. To make things more interesting around the office, our two legal assistants, Jordan and Deidre, are a Saints fan and a Falcons fan respectively. We have inadvertently become a law firm divided between the Falcons and the ‘Aints. Don’t worry though — the rivalry is all in good fun. If anything, it makes for some good-natured teasing every now and again. When it comes to NFL fandoms, it seems like Atlanta is a melting pot. A lot of people who live here come from other cities around the country, and they bring their favorite teams with them. I’m by no means a die-hard Falcons fan, but I root for them when they’re on. I don’t know how serious of a Saints fan Danielle is, but I imagine she’s probably in the same boat. Most days, after a big game between the Saints and the Falcons, a few comments will be thrown around the office depending on whose team won. If the Saints win, I know to expect at least a knowing smirk or an “innocent” question about the game. It might not be much of a reaction, but it’s enough to know the good-natured rivalry is still there. Luckily though, we know how to be merciful to one another through truly devastating losses. During the 2017 Super Bowl between the Falcons and the Patriots, I was more into the game than usual. I was sick as a dog that day, which meant I couldn’t do much else besides watch the chaos unfold, and the Falcons had never won a Super Bowl before. The Falcons were leading the game until the third quarter, and I thought they had the win in the bag! I was sure I was going to be one of millions of Atlantans to witness history.

But, alas, it was all downhill from there. The Patriots clawed their way back to tie with the Falcons 28-28 in the second half, and with a toss of a coin at overtime, the fate of the 2017 Super Bowl was decided. The Patriots won 34-28. I was devastated. The next day, instead of exploiting our rivalry to gloat over the Falcons’ loss, Danielle expressed sympathy for their loss. She understood how big a blow it was for Atlanta to come so close to victory only to have it taken away by a team that wins every year. And, while I can’t say for certain, I think she may have been silently rooting for the Falcons along with me. At the time of this article, both the Falcons and the Saints are looking like they have a good season ahead of them. A couple of sports writers have pegged the Falcons as a team that could go all the way. And, while Drew Brees might be approaching retirement, the Saints always bring their A-game on the field. In any case, I’m looking forward to reinvigorating our “rivalry” this upcoming football season.

–Teri Fields

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