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S eptember 2018

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H alfway up the M ountain ...

drop out, then speeding to the next, and gearing down again. We know they’re not all important, nor equally important. As I mentioned to my daughter the other day when she was crazy anxious on a camp drop-off day — kind of losing her mind, then worried about me being late to my first patient when I was trying to settle her down — it’s all about priorities these days. I don’t get so much done. I wish I did accomplish more (if anybody knows of a service that will “get me” and go through my stuff and get rid of 2/3 of it without me, hit me up!). But I told her I wasn’t worried, because I was following my priorities: kid/family first, work second. I shove exercise up to third, but it’s really being alone in a clean, quiet home (that one never happens and only exists in my mind), and then whatever else is a “must do.” The rest just has to wait, and I am okay with that. My wish for you is that, wherever you are in life, you have those priorities dialed in. You know how to spend your time on things that nourish you, whether that’s reading a good book, climbing a mountain, or doing your PT exercises (made the list, right?) just to keep you doing the things you love. Because when you’re doing it right, even in the midst of chaos, it’s pretty sweet. Shelly Coffman

So, it’s my birthday month! And in my family, it’s affectionately referred to as the “birthday gauntlet,” with seven birthdays between the very end of August and the end of October. For me this year, it’s a BIG birthday. I can’t believe I’m turning 50. As I enter my next half-century, I am now regularly seeing patients born in the year I graduated high school, and it blows my mind. Every. Time. I am well-ensconced in Team “More Than 20 Years In” at PT 360, and at times, we all agree longingly that it would be nice to eat more cookies without consequence. But other than that, we’re good where we are and wouldn’t want to go back. So how does Team “No Longer Young” possibly keep up? We don’t. We know we can have fun wherever we are. After all, life is about going with the flow — and if we resist change, we just work too hard to fight it and age faster. Getting old and stale would just deny us opportunities for more fun and growth. I am glad that I am not worried about keeping up. As a mom of an almost-eight-year-old, I work hard enough to keep up with her! Ain’t got no time to keep up with trends or even the latest movies, or any other things I now deem as NONSENSE. And I’m okay with that. Getting older is both about slowing the important moments into slo-mo to suck every last sweet

For many people, no matter how trendy yoga becomes, the idea of testing the limits of their flexibility still sounds less than appealing. A fair number of first-time yoga-goers report unpleasant and distressing experiences, inwardly cringing as they watch seasoned practitioners bend into pretzels while they sit on their brand-new mats, barely able to reach their tippy toes. Take this initial discomfort and add 105-degree temperatures, and the experience goes from bad to mortifying. No matter who you are, the first time you try hot yoga, it’s likely to feel unpleasant, and this feeling may stem from the unfamiliarity of the poses as much as the sweltering heat. If you are practicing traditional hot yoga, the temperature will be set between 90 and 105 degrees. Ask 10 people the reason behind the high temperature and you’ll get 10 different answers. Some seasoned yogis tout the health benefits of this sauna-like practice, claiming that the sheer amount of sweat pouring off one’s body helps remove unwanted or unhealthy toxins. According to Yoga International, this claim couldn’t be further from the truth. While exercising in the hot room definitely increases circulation, relaxes muscles, and promotes flexibility, the notion that it creates a physical purification system is false. H ot and B othered S ome T rends , T ruths , and T enets of the M odern Y oga E ra

–-Shelly Coffman

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