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Learning That Doesn’t Feel Like School

Every summer, parents across the country have to deal with the same delicate problem. They want to make sure their kids continue to learn without feeling like they’re being assigned tasks. After all, summer homework is every child’s worst nightmare. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on math problems and book reports to keep your child’s development from taking a two-month vacation. Here are a few mentally stimulating activities that are as educational as they are fun. FOR LITTLE ONES: HOMEMADE BUBBLES Bubbles fascinate young children, so why not spend a day making your own solution and experimenting by blowing different types of bubbles? The formula is simple: 1 part dish soap (Dawn or Joy work best) to 10 parts water. Optionally, you can also include 1/4 part glycerin. The process of making the solution will teach ratios, and finding creative ways to blow bubbles fosters problem-solving skills and creative thinking. FOR TEENAGERS: FAMILY DINNER PARTY Cooking teaches so many important skills: math, science, nutrition, concentration, cultural

understanding, following directions, creativity, time management, and more. Even better, it doesn’t feel like learning; it feels like fun. Encourage your older children to take the reins for preparing regular meals throughout the summer. You can pick guiding themes, like “a trip to Mexico” or “pasta party,” but let them choose the recipes and prep the meals on their own. FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY: AN EDUCATIONAL FIELD TRIP Field trips always inspire excitement in students, and you’ll find the same goes for your family members. You can tailor your destination to the interests of your kids for maximum engagement. If you have a family of art lovers, head to a museum for some inspiration and discussion. Kids who prefer the outdoors will enjoy a nature walk or hike. You can bring along a field guide to identify flora and fauna. These trips may not pack the thrill of a water park, but they’re fun in an entirely different way.

Share the Road and Follow the Law BICYCLE SAFETY TIPS

The city also advises cyclists to ride predictably . Riders shouldn’t swerve unexpectedly, enter intersections without first checking traffic, or snake between parked cars. Cyclists should use audible warnings, in the form of a bell or their voice, to alert pedestrians when they are approaching. We would like to add that riders shouldn’t assume they

With more bike lanes, the Juice bike-sharing program, and urban trails, it’s never been a better time to traverse Orlando on two wheels. That said, bicyclists still have to share the road with some of the busiest car traffic in the nation, so it’s important to stay safe while pedaling. The city of Orlando has a five-point program for safe riding practices. First, they recommend you ride on the right , moving in the same direction as traffic and staying as far to the right as practically possible. Second, bikers must follow all of the same traffic laws as cars , including signaling when turning and stopping for red lights. Riders should also make every effort to be visible by wearing brightly colored clothing and making eye contact with motorists. For those riding at night, Florida law requires cyclists to use a white light on the front of their bike and a red light on the back of it.

know how a motorist will behave. Leaving yourself an escape route in the event of an unpredictable vehicle could be the difference between a serious accident and a near miss. Finally, the city recommends that all riders wear a proper-fitting helmet . While it is only legally required for those under the age of 16, it’s good practice for anybody who navigates Orlando on two wheels. As injury attorneys, it’s important for us to add that not wearing a helmet does not disqualify you from filing a claim in the event of an accident. However, it may impact the amount of money you receive. In general, the safer you are, the strong your claim will be. Also, it’s just good common sense to wear a helmet. Sadly, even the safest bicyclists on the road can’t guarantee they’ll never be involved in an accident. If you have been injured while biking, call the Coye Law Firm today to see how we can help.


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