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HITTING RESTART IN THE NEW YEAR SIGNS OF THE TIMES How are you enjoying your holiday celebrations? Ours have evolved over the years, but I think back to what the holidays meant to me as a kid. Coming from an Italian background, it was all about homemade pasta and pizza, desserts, and playing cards.We watched from afar as our aunts and uncles played gin. Kids weren’t allowed to sit at the card table, so instead we played the Atari and fought over the controls waiting for our turn. As the years passed, seats opened up at the card table, and we took our rightful spots. It signaled both the start and end of a phase. At our house, the image that comes to mind is our kids huddled at the top of the stairs. The kids knew that they weren’t allowed downstairs until I gave them the okay. So I’d grab the camera and take a picture of them at the top of the stairs as they eagerly waited for Mom to get out of bed. This year, Barbara and I took some time for a retreat focused on goal setting and planning.We talked about our one-, three-, and five-year goals. Thinking about the big picture keeps us on track and helps us set our behavior in line with where we want to be. Because of those benefits, we’re planning to make this an annual tradition. As we move into the new year, it’s a good time to re-evaluate the 5S progress at your business. I’ve noticed we tend to let things slide a bit at the end of the year. It’s a normal trend — all the focus goes into production and getting widgets out the

happen. The method is a game changer to a warehouse and/or manufacturing setting. You set a signal to order more of a product before you get to the last one, instead of finding out that you’re out of that product, and manufacturing has to completely grind to a stop.We have a few more kanban tips for you inside the newsletter. In the new year, I encourage you to go back to the principles that got you started with 5S. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

door, and 5S practices get put on the shelf. If you put 5S on hold for the holidays, it’s time to come out of the chute flying and start your year off right. For those of you who haven’t already guessed, Barbara and I love dogs.We’ve welcomed a number of pups into our family over the years, and there’s some training involved for all of us. Lilly is actually the exception to this; she trained us more than we ever trained her. But we have a tried and true method to housetrain them: We put a bell on the door that the dog can reach with their nose, and for the first few weeks, we put them outside after ringing the bell. Eventually, the dog learns that ringing the bell gets our attention and that it’s the signal for needing to go outside, so they start ringing the bell on their own. The bell ringing is an important signal, both for our pets and for us. It’s a bit like the concept of “kanban” (Japanese for “visual signal”), which focuses on signaling when a behavior should

From everyone at the 5S Store, happy holidays!

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