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And Wishing for Snow

but can maintain the independence she cherishes. Her biggest hobby is gardening, and she takes care of her plants diligently. The holidays also brought Evie home for her first visit since leaving for college.Though the trip isn’t too long, it’s long enough for an 18-year-old, and we were so happy to see her pull up in the driveway. One of the first things she said to us melted my heart, despite the cold outside. She told Beth and me, “It feels like a weight off my shoulders to be home.” Evie’s been doing really well in school, which is no surprise.The director of the musical theater department — her major — let her know that they’re very glad to have her there. Even though you already know your kid is amazing, it’s pretty awesome to hear that someone else thinks so too. Having everyone together for the holidays was really special. Seeing our kids, grandparents, siblings, and cousins in the same place made the season feel complete. My family and friends make this life awesome. As we go into 2019, what I’m most looking forward to is celebrating my 20th anniversary with Beth. I know, right? We’re so excited. We have a trip in the works, and I cannot wait to get away with her. What are you looking forward to this year?

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2019? Last month, the older kids and I were chomping at the bit for Bogus to open as we eagerly awaited hopping on our snowboards and skis for the first time. And now it’s a new year! Wasn’t the first snowfall beautiful? The first thing I thought when I saw snowflakes outside was “I hope Bogus opens soon.” I switched to snowboarding a few years ago because of how much my brother loved it, and it’s been a fun challenge. Before that, I always skied. I think I’ll probably have some of the kids try it out this year. Over the holidays, we enjoyed visits from our extended family. It’s always nice to get everyone together. I got to see my new nephew for the first time over Thanksgiving — he was just 2 weeks old! He was still super little, but I can already tell he looks exactly like his brother! It’s going to be so fun watching him grow. Cousins I haven’t seen for ages also came for the holidays. As one of the oldest cousins, I’ve seen our family grow, and it’s hard to keep up with everyone. At one point during the visit, my grandma, who’s in her 90s, said to me, “I don’t remember some of their names.” I whispered back to her, “Grandma, I don’t remember some of their names!” My grandma lives in Boise these days, though she grew up just down the road here in Emmett. I pass by that house every single day on my way to and from work. I grew up visiting it for family reunions, and my grandparents lived there for many years. Now my grandma has a home right behind my aunt’s house, so she has a helping hand nearby

–Dr. Elkins

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