Debrief - Leadership in Turbulent Times

Debrief-leadership inturbulent times

An organization is like a pyramid. There are competencies that ensure we go up the pyramid. In order to go up the pyramid one needs to demonstrate the important competencies with the required skills. A clear vision of the future at the same time is also as important. Vision equals dream plus action. It is good to dream but action and implementation is important to fulfil and realise that dream. If you are a capable leader with vision, you are already wondering what comes next. Being a leader in tough and uncertain times means always anticipating the next challenge and building the fortitude and skills to face it.

Economic Turbulence has arrived with a vengeance and only companies that face it head – on at the beginning of this worldwide crisis will be the ones left standing once the dust clears. Therefore, to survive during these times one needs to practice the essential behaviors and characteristics that a leader demonstrates. If you want to be a leader who attracts quality people, the key is to become a person of quality yourself. Leadership is the ability to attract someone to the gifts, skills, and opportunities you offer as an owner, as a manager, as a parent. Leadership is the great challenge of life.

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In order to survive during situations of crunch, one needs to understand the fact that one needs to be exceptional in terms of his/her skills and competencies and with a belief that quality of work and value system in place leads to effective performance. Therefore, the mantra to survive during rough times is to break away from constraints, introspect and follow the light within you, learn from your experience andmistakes, understand your calibre and motivate yourself all through because its not about survival anymore; Its about being visible when everyone else has blacked out.

The blue print for success in turbulent times is positive belief, drawing conclusions from data and facts rather than making one’s own assumptions and working on the same. One should look at accepting the situation and subsequently adapting to the existing circumstances. The strategy to excel during these trying times is to ask for feedback, accept constructive as well as critical feedback in a positive way and work on it to enhance your effectiveness and performance. Living in denial, making use of self defence and taking the safer path all the time will lead to you being equivalent to any common man with an ordinary personality.

Highlightsofexercises Learning’s from Tower Building • Demonstrates the Pygmalion effect“ What you believe is what you deliver” • Shows we consistently underestimate our performance heavily

• Interpretation of data is crucial for success • Focus, concentration & decisions based on data are effective in strategies • In difficult time right resources are the key Learning’s from ‘The Power of Vision’ • The Power of Vision demonstrates that having a positive vision of the future is the most forceful motivator for change-for success-that companies and individuals possess • Unforgettable and moving,The Power of

• The game demonstrates the importance of empowering juniors so that they deliver superlative performance • It is important to accept constraints and yet deliver Learning’s from the simulation - Mission to Enernova • The simulation gives a different approach to problem solving • Helps in Team Building and getting groups together in a non threatening or stressful way • Explores group dynamics, information flexibility, contingency planning, risk management, time management and working under pressure • Demonstrates that constraints are non negotiable • Risks have to be taken and backed up by effective resources handling, planning, decision making, communication and influencing skills, teamwork, presentation skills,

Vision will inspire the people in your organization to think together, dream together, and act together to make a difference

• Vision community is:

1. Leader Initiated 2. Comprehensive and detailed

3. Positive and inspiring 4. Shared and supportive

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