Biola Broadcaster - 1969-03

The word for wind here is not some summer breeze, or even winter blast. It is whirlwind. It’s based on destruction and devastation. Have you ever been in a hurricane? Have you ever been in the midst of a vehement tempest? I remember being in a terrible typhoon off the Philip­ pines during World War II. Our ship was tossed like a cork. We were help­ less. So this would be. Verse five says, “Therefore the un­ godly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.” We should be re­ minded that the verse doesn’t say that the ungodly won’t appear at the judgment, but simply that he won’t be able to stand. He won’t pass mus­ ter, as it were. The teaching here is that the ungodly will stand to be judged, but there will be absolutely no acquittal of anyone. The reason is because they are standing there on their own merit. They don’t have a defense attorney. If you refuse God’s Attorney, God’s Advocate, the Lord Jesus Christ now, you’ll have to be your own attorney at the judg­ ment throne of the Almighty. You know the old saying in the legal profession, “A man who is his own attorney has a fool for a client.” If you have rejected Christ as your Ad­ vocate, you will be there to be judged, but you’ll not have a leg to stand on. In our auditorium at church on Sunday, we’ll have people from many different walks of life. There are those who are saved and those who aren’t. The congregation is mixed. But it won’t be like that in eternity. The dividing line is man’s eternal destiny. It’s all determined by what he has done in this life with Jesus Christ. What we have in this verse is the definite judgment, spoken of in God’s Word. My friends, you can’t live like the devil here on this earth without living with the devil for all eternity. As Vance Havner so point­ edly said, “Those who live it up all will also have to live it down.”

Several of the members of the faculty of Biola's Phoenix affiliate, the Arizona Bible Colege, me t on the campus at 3025 West McDowell Road. Seated is Mr. Robert Bowles, business manager and profes­ sor of Theology. Standing at the left is Mr. Vernon Doerksen, director of Public Relations and professor of Greek and Bible, with Mr. David Young, professor of General Studies and Missions. All of the men are graduates of Talbot Theological Seminary with Mr. Young and Mr. Bowles both being graduates of Biola Colege.

Mr. Merv Fishback, executive director of Biola's Phoenix affiliate, the Arizona' Bible Colege, has reported thatthe school is continuing to experience growth In every area of its activities. This includes the students and their outreach as well as Interest shown fromchurches and friends. As is thecase with any growing ministry, there are continuing needs for financial help. Prayerful support for this significant school is greatly appreciated.


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