Biola Broadcaster - 1969-03

A. Philippians 3:21 tells us some­ thing of what that change will be like. It will be absolutely complete. We are going to have new resurrec­ tion bodies, fashioned like u n to Christ’s glorious body. His resurrec­ tion body was not subject to the laws of time or space. He did not have to be transported any place. He was al­ ready there. He traveled at the speed of mind which is instantaneous. We will be able to move at the speed of mind, too. The universe, God's crea­ tion, will be more known to us than are the rooms of our own homes now. We will be able to traverse God’s universe in an instant of time. “It doth not appear what we shall be, but we know that when He shall ap­ pear, we shall be like Him.” Q. Pueblo, Colo. — “Can you give me help on Revelation 3:5?” A. This is with reference to the church at Sardis. In each of these letters there is a word to the over­ comer. I John 5 :4J5 tells us how this is possible. This is a picture in Reve­ lation of the white raiment which is the righteousnesses of the saints. We have imputed r ig h te o u s n e s s through Christ as we trust Him by faith. There is no way for any per­ son so trusting in Christ to have his name blotted out. As believers we will be confessed before our God and Father. The Lord will not be ashamed to say, “T h e se are My children through faith in My well-beloved Son.” Q. Tucson, Ariz. — “We hesitate to join the church, because we find so many of them filled with worldliness and error. Do you find that to be true?” A. Yes, unfortunately, it is. Don’t keep out just because of hypocrites. “There’s room for one more!” to speak facetiously. There are hypo­ crites in every strata of society, too. Seek a church that isn’t worldly, and

sunk so low. Some very serious and drastic action had to be taken. The New Testament has a lot to say about discipline. The believers were to “de­ liver such as one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.” The second Epistle tells us how that was done. They actually excommunicated this man so that he would not be a source of in­ fection and contaminate the rest. They didn't kill him; that would be unlawful. He was put out of the fellowship. Q. Monmouth, Ore. — “Mark 5 is hard for me to understand. There were two thousand swine. Did one man have that many demons? Also wasn’t this destructive of the property of a man who wasn’t even involved in the situation? He lost his capital in­ vestment.” A. Yes, he did have that many de­ mons because verse 13 tells us so. There were so many that their name was legion. (Keep in mind that there is only one devil, but he has many evil emissaries who are demons.) These are fallen creatures. Some be­ lieve there is an ethical problem here with the pigs being killed. Keep in mind that in Israel a man had no right to have any swine, especially this many. Here he was breaking the law of Moses. Christ hadn’t gone to the cross to die for infractions of the law. This owner was entirely in the wrong. If a poor man has that many demons, the human soul is the one in which Christ is interested. God puts more value on one soul than He does on millions of swine. What are they worth? Christ died for people, not for pigs. Q. Tucson, Ariz. — “Can you give me some help on how we shall all be changed, as it appears in I Corinthi­ ans 15:51. Just to what extent is there going to be a change?”

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