Biola Broadcaster - 1969-03

where doctrinal error is not to be found. Over in Tucson, incidentally, there are some wonderful churches of this type. In rural areas there may not be such fellowship. One may have to seek fellowship for a time through the radio and his own per­ sonal Bible study. In the providence of God, through prayer and earnest work you may be able to bring about a revival in your church, seeking to get someone in as pastor who is preaching and proclaiming the un­ searchable riches of Jesus Christ. Q. Golden, Colo. — “ I ’m beset by fears, fear of decisions I make, afraid of what people think of me, afraid of the future. What can I do to over­ come this?” A. There are many who feel this way today. In all kindness, notice the use of the personal pronouns here. Here’s where the real problem comes in. When we think about ourselves, fear is the natural result. God said, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee.” The Holy Spirit inspired that statement. The secret of overcoming fears and re­ lated problems is to keep our minds stayed upon the Lord Jesus Christ. He alone casteth out all fear. There are 365 “Fear Nots” in the Bible, one for each day in the year! Q. Dallas, Ore. — “What do you un­ derstand from Mark 16:16 and simi­ lar verses? Some people take it that one will not be saved until he is bap­ tized." A. There are those who hold to the view of baptismal regeneration. Con­ demnation in this, and other similar verses is only on one basis which is the lack of believing. Any other way would be in violation of so many oth­ er passages such as John 3:16. The basis in the Gospels is, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” How could the poor peni­

tent thief get to heaven if he had had to be baptized? He is really a picture of us all. He couldn’t do any­ thing. Nor can we. It is not by works of righteousness that we have done. Now, we do believe that after one has received Christ as Saviour we should be identified with Christ and be bap­ tized. This is a matter of open con­ fession. before men. Read this verse carefully. I t does not say “He that believeth not [and is not baptized] shall be condemned ‘only’ He that believeth not shall be condemned.” Q. Healdsburg, Calif. — "In Revelation 20:12 it states that the books were ‘open.’ Just what does this mean?” A. These were the books which re­ veal the works in the flesh that have been done, and the life of the sin nature found in every individual. The book of life was open not to show whose names were found therein, but to show these unrepentant dead who had not been named in the book of life. This is the judgment of the Great White Throne. It is the judg­ ment of the unredeemed. Believers have been judged at the cross, deliv­ ered from this final judgment scene. No believer will be persent at this last, awful judgment of the lost. Q. Santa Ana, Calif. — “People regard me as a self-made man. I ’ve made my money honestly. Lately, however, I’ve been wondering what my obli­ gation is to God regarding this mat­ ter.” A. Without more information, this is hard to answer. As far as Chris­ tian stewardship is concerned, we be­ lieve in proportionate giving. The Old Testament basis w a s t h e tithe or ten per cent. In the age of grace that should simply be the start­ ing point. In the final analysis, it’s how much one has left that really counts. If the questioner refers to his life in general, then we need to keep in mind that we owe God every-

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