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there ye may be also.” “Even so, come Lord Jesus.”

I’d like to have you take me to the church which died from giving. Do you know what? I’d leap on its grave and shout so that all could hear ‘Blessed are the dead, which do die in the Lord.’ ” It’s a fact: no man can ever out give God. Our blessed Lord gave His all. We so readily rationalize our actions so that we may keep unto ourselves all that we can possibly amass. We seem to think we must have more, while we fail to help in spreading abroad that which alone can bring souls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is what the Holy Spirit meant when, through the writer of the book of Proverbs, He warped: “There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withr holdeth more than is meet, but it tend- eth to provertyl” (Prov. 11:24). DEATH’S MONUMENT Without question, one of the marvels of modem history is the famed Taj Mahal. This magnificant edifice with its rare beauty and sublime architecture is located in the heart of India. It tells a captivating love story. This took place some three centuries ago when the em­ peror lost his beloved bride. A t her death the palace lights went out. The monarch set himself to the monumental task of erecting this surpassingly beauT tiful mausoleum to her memory. When he had finished, he himself was laid to rest beside her. The radiant royal tomb is built of purest white marble. The inner walls are richly adorned with the inlaid work of precious gems. Great portions of the structure are delicate patterns of lace figures carved in mar­ ble a foot thick. It seems almost incon­ ceivable that anyone could achieve such a tremendous task. A king long dead honored his bride in a beautiful but life­ less building. How incomparably great­ er is our risen Redeemer who is prepar­ ing for us a home, a city, the Holy Jerusalem for His bride. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself promised us, “If I go away” and He did, “I will come again to receive you unto Myself, that I am 26 It’s a fact of Scripture, that God has promised to supply our needs and not our notions.

Sin is a short word that often makes short work of its victims.

A TV PRAYER It’s amazing how much time is spent by so many people in front of T.V. Television is a great thief of time. According to national surveys, the aver­ age American adult spends between 3 and U hours daily, watching T.V. One of our faithful pastors became so con­ victed by such amusements that he wrote the prayer, “Oh God, remove the powerful influence of television from me and my family. Give us more love and desire for Thee and for Thy Word than we have had for programs on T.V. Help us diligently to spend as much time bowing before Thee in prayer as we have spent sitting in front of this piece of electronic gadgetry. In place of its bloodshed and immorality, feed us with the pure bread of Heaven. In place of its characters, programs and commercials which have become so well known, give us a better knowledge of thy Holy Word. In place of its worldly music, give us the song of Thy Spirit in our hearts. May the hours of time spent in idleness before it be wisely redeemed to help many more people find Christ as Saviour. Instead of the ner­ vous energy spent on T.V., help us to intercede more for the lost. Oh God, enable my family to see this as I do, that we may be united in our deter­ mination to put Christ first, so that in all things He may have the pre­ eminence!”

Others will follow your footsteps more readily than they’ll follow your advice.

WHAT DO YOU SEE? Do you ever feel as if you’re in a rut? A lot of people get frustrated because they don’t think they’re getting any­ place. Perhaps it’s true that a rut is just the same as a grave only both ends

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