Biola Broadcaster - 1969-03

Be still, my soul, a sweet voice speaks to thee: ‘‘I am the truth, look up and follow Me.” Say, where is life? It is not here I know, Oh! who hath power the priceless boon to give? All here is sorrow, sin and death and woe; Say, where is life? For surely I would live! Be still, my soul, a sweet voice speaks to thee: "I am the life, look up and follow Me.” All that I sought, Lord, I have found in Thee. Thou art the way, the truth, the life Thou art; All that I asked for Thou hast given me, Well may I trust thee, trust Thy loving heart; Low at Thy feet, adoring, do I fall, Own Thee my Lord, my best beloved, my all! THE PROOF Some tell us that prayer is all in the mind, That the only result is the solace we find; That God does not answer, nor hear when we call: We commune with our own hearts in prayer, that is all. But we who have knelt with our burden and care And made all our problems a matter of prayer, Have seen God reach down from His heaven above, To work out His matchless miracle of love. We know that God works in a won­ derful way On behalf of-His children who trust Him and pray. — Barbara Cornet Ryberg


Many hundred years ago They venture to remark That Noah had some carpenters To help him build the ark. But, sad to say, on that last day When Noah entered in, Those carpenters were left outside And perished in their sin. How sad to think they may have helped To build the ark so great, Yet still they heeded not God's Word, And awful Was their fate. Today the same sad state exists Among the sons of men. They help to build the so-called church Who are not born again. They stay behind for ritual, They work, they sing, they pray; Yet never have accepted Christ, The life, the truth, the way. Another judgment day will come, As sure as came the flood, And only those will be secure Who shelter ’neath Christ’s blood. THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE Where is the way? This world is but a maze, Where millions wander without help or light, I am weary of the world’s false ways. Show me the way, for I would walk aright! Be still, my soul, a sweet voice speaks to thee; "I am the way, look up and follow Me.” Where is the truth? I cannot find it here, All is confusion in this world below; Oh! tell me who will make it plain and clear, Show me the truth, for I the truth would know.


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