Biola Broadcaster - 1969-03

by Dr. Jack Wyrtzen Founder-Director, Word of Life


Every one of us some day must meet Jesus Christ, the Son of God. If we meet Him now in faith as our Saviour from sins, we will not stand before Him condemned when man’s sins are judged. What will it be for you: Saviour now, or Judge, in that terrible day? Meeting Him at the judgment of the Great White Throne will be everlastingly too late. There is no second chance. After death, it’s either heaven eternally or hell for­ ever. No wonder the Word of God declares that on that day there will be weeping and wailing and gnash­ ing of teeth. Women and men will be cast into outer darkness, into a lake of fire. That’s a dreadful out­ look for the unconverted. It’s in the Bible, nonetheless. We must keep in mind, however, that the Lord Jesus Christ told us more about the terrors of hell than He ever did about the joys of heaven. Within your grasp right now is the power of choice. When Uncle Sam comes along, he wants men for the armed forces. They aren’t often given the opportunity of making a decision. The draft gives little latitude for in­ dividual desires. Not so with God’s army. There is no conscription. It is all of your own free will. Jesus point­ ed out, “He that is not with me is against me.” There is absolutely no neutral ground. A wonderful young West Point cadet recently questioned me, “Jack, if Christ died for the sins of the world, then why isn’t all of the world automatically saved?” Here’s the an­ swer: God in His mercy, love, and grace, has made salvation available for all. But even with that availa­ bility, it is only as one by faith re­ ceives the Lord’s free gift of salva­ tion that he will find eternal life. 3

H ave you ev er been to the place where the Lord willing gave up His life for the sins of all mankind? In Luke 23:33 we read, “And when they were come to the place, which is called Calvary, there they crucified him.” It could well be that God in His grace and mercy has brought you to this message which for you could be the opportunity of really seeing Calvary for the first time. You must make a decision. You either stand with the crowd who wildly shouted: “Crucify Him! We will not have this man Jesus to reign over us,” or you stand with those who bowed their heads at the cross and testified, “Thou art my Lord and my God. Lord, You were wounded for my transgressions. You were bruised for my iniquities. Lord, I believe that the very chastisement of my peace was upon You!” Which group are you in? This portion of Scripture in Luke 23 shows how the people lied about Jesus. Can you imagine anyone’s choosing a m u rde re r, Barrabas, rather than Jesus Christ, the very Son of God? They placed the crown of thorns upon His brow. The blood trickled down over His face. Setting the cross bearing His agonizing form between two thieves, the bystanders mocked Him. Down through the ages, for the last two thousand years, the crowd still has been divided. It is between those who say “Away with Jesus!” and those who worship Him in reverential trust and faith. The cross always has divided men. Today we have two classes of people. There are the rejecters of the Son of God and there are those who have ac­ cepted the Son of God: the saved and the lost. Which side of the cross you are on determines your eternal des­ tiny: heaven or hell.

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