Biola Broadcaster - 1969-03

by Dr. John Hunter Torchbearers Fellowship, England

Cotdbwikd POWER

blowing off steam, bubbling away at this thing and being frantic about another. Too often do we see such demonstrations of uncontrolled pow­ er. Jesus said, “All power is given unto me.” We are told to yield our members unto God so that the Lord can use us for a demonstration of His power. The Lord wants you to be the place of His high efficiency. To be sure, you can’t control the power. If you put your hand to it, you will surely fail. Realize that the Lord Jesus Christ indwells you. He is the One who has the power. What He wants to do is to take you and use you. When you became a Chris­ tian, Jesus Christ actually got two more hands, two more feet, two more eyes, two more ears, two more lips, and one heart and mind. In other words, you become a piece of spirit­ ual mechanism. Ask the Lord to make you a channel of blessing. Too many people, instead of being a blessing, are nothing more than a source of irritation and distress. Realize that Jesus Christ saved you so that He can use you. In this way you become part of His spiritual mechanism re­ vealing controlled power. Recognize that the Saviour died for you on the cross, indwells you, so that He can take you and use you, making you a wondrous channel of blessing. Blaming your faults on your nature doesn’t change the nature of your faults. A man without principle will never draw much interest. If a care is too small to be turned into a prayer, then it's too small to be made into a burden.

I T is WONDERFUL, as one travels around from city to city and coun­ try to country, to see common illus­ trations from life which point up real spiritual truths. I am thinking now of New Zealand which is a very lovely country. It’s about the same size as England, but has only 2% mil­ lion people. It has so much wonder­ ful scenery with unlimited opportu­ nities for those who enjoy hunting and fishing. One place I thoroughly enjoyed was in the thermal area where scientists say the earth’s crust is very thin. Constantly one sees wa­ ter bubbling up with the steam ris­ ing up. There is a whole section of land as much as a mile or so where this is seen everywhere. There may be an ice-Cold stream of water, along­ side of which is bubbling mud. I could not but think of this tremen­ dous uncontrolled power. As we continued on our journey, we passed another section which was totally different. Looking at it, it seemed to be a series of cylinders and tubes. With its pipes and machines there were regular bursts of steam. Here was where the government had harnessed the power. They had sealed geysers and trapped water in order to make light, electricity, and power needed for the essentials of daily living. What a contrast to see. One was the grandeur of bubbling mud and boiling water; the other had real purpose and usefulness so that peo­ ple might be blessed. This gave me a good picture of so many lives. Keep in mind that the Christian life is basically receiving the power of the indwelling Christ, through His Holy Spirit. The fact is, however, it isn’t enough to have such power. The ques­ tion is: what are you doing with it? Too m any Christians are always


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