Biola Broadcaster - 1969-03

reported, “No, they are all here." I then explained how that I had heard the back gate close. It appeared that someone was in our backyard. I couldn’t go outside because the light would be behind me. I had no flash light or weapon of any kind. I didn’t even know what to do or where to look. It was so dark outside. So, I called the police department. Within a matter of a few minutes they were in our back yard. They came up to the house without turning on the lights and very carefully, with hands on their guns, they went through the back yard, trying to see if there was anything out of the way. You can imagine how glad we are that they came. On this occasion I was very thankful and positively delighted to be in the law. I hadn’t been breaking the law. I was within my legal rights. There was nothing to fear. If I’m doing something wrong, perhaps ex­ ceeding the posted speed limit, it’s not a delight to see the police oflicer. As long as I am doing that which is right, I have nothing to dread or about which to be concerned. So it is true in the light of God’s Word.

We are not under a curse or a con­ demnation. Our fulfillment of the law has been accomplished through the sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are rather in the law. There can naturally be a delight for our hearts. Strictly speaking, when this por­ tion of Scripture was written, in­ spired by the Spirit of God, the ma­ jor portion of the Word was the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible. How much more should we be delighted with the complete revela­ tion of God in Scripture. We have all 66 books for our daily study and admonition. C hapter Two The Maharishi wasn’t the one who invented the id e a of meditation. Scripture encouraged us in it long ago. The gurus didn’t find something new to tell people that they should spend time musing in deep thought. So much of our time is lost in the amusements of the world. To medi­ tate, by Webster’s definition, is sim­ ply “to muse” or “to think.” There’s really not much of that today. We

There are always students studying in the Arizona Bible College library, directed by Mrs. Electa Oltrogge, school librarian. Biola's Phoenix atfiliate has consistently grown in enrollment over the past five years. Mr. Merv Fishback is Executive Director.


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