January 2023 Oracle

Happy New Year and Welcome 2023 . We are starting another wonderful year here at Outdoor Resort Palm Springs. November and December were a great start to this fun - filled season and our upcoming months will be filled with plenty of things to keep us busy. To go along with our regularly scheduled midweek entertainment on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays there will be many exciting things to look forward to attending. Later in January, we will be having a Wild West Week which will conclude with a Wild West Murder Mystery event. Early in February, you will want to plan to attend one of our world - famous Big Star events. These events are fundraisers for the resort and a great way to give back. Be sure to look over the Special Events Calendar so you can plan ahead. Your Board of Directors is proud to finally announce the completion of our well - needed off - leash dog park. The dog park has been well received and is being enjoyed by many. This is an amenity that will make our resort even more popular than it is now because many RVers travel with their pets and expect a Premier RV Resort to have facilities for their four - legged family members. The election of Directors is in the near future. With several Board members leaving before the expiration of terms over the last few years, there will be four positions open, two for three years and two for one year. The filling of these four spots will likely shape the Resort ’ s future significantly. I like to think of a Board position as a Responsibility rather than a Job and urge Policy Governance, where the Board decides Policy and on occasion Procedure, but allows management to implement day - to - day Operations. Are you interested in that? If so, a Candidate Declaration form is available by emailing Jennifer Miranda, Executive Assistant, at jmiranda@orps.com. The deadline is January 16, and if you ’ re elected, the Responsibilities would begin on March 20 . . . and continue for one or three years. ” I would like to thank all our owners that have volunteered their time to make ORPS the best place on earth. I feel truly blessed to call ORPS my winter home and to be part of such a large group of friends and family and I hope you feel the same. Let ’ s enjoy this season together and truly appreciate all our resort has to offer.

The Resort is continuously seeking volunteers! The liveliness of our community is based on the spirit of volunteering. Volunteering gives meaning to the event itself and energizes both the participants and those receiving the benefit of the event. Volunteering creates opportunities for new friendships, the exchange of ideas, and a sense of community. Contact: Abby Lomeli, Communications Coordinator at alomeli@orps.com for the Volunteer Form (yes, you can volunteer and sign up for more than one opportunity!) The chair- person/lead will be in contact with you.

John Boudin Board President

Get ready to have more fun at ORPS! Thanks for your help, and happy volunteering!




While the season is now “ half over, ” the second half will prove that the best is yet to come. How can it get any better?! There are several new things to look forward to now that the holiday “ intermission ” has passed. Enrichment Seminars will be presented, with the first one scheduled for January 10. I encourage you to consider offering a unique experience and guide other Residents to the same accomplishment or simply attend one to learn how to widen your horizons. Communications Coordinator, Abby Lomeli, can assist you with that by contacting her at 760.328.3834 xt. 252 or at alomeli@orps.com. Also, the Lifestyle Department will be offering Bus Tours to such places as the Temecula Wine country, which is carving out a unique niche. Still under planning are adventures locally to the Coachella Valley as well as other famous Southern California attractions, such as the beaches, coastal towns, museums, etc. Requests for areas to tour and more info can be found by contacting the Operations Manager, Sean Archer, at 760.328.3834, xt. 262 or at sarcher@orps.com Finally, in late March the inaugural ORPS micro - Mini - Marathon, a simple three - leg swim/bike/walk - run will be staged. What fun to participate, spectate and cheer your fellow Residents in showing off their physical abilities. Volunteers will be needed to register the “ athletes ”, patrol intersections, and generally help. Since it ’ s my hair - brained idea I will be organizing the event, with the Lifestyle Department ’ s assistance, and you can contact me with questions or volunteer to help at 760.328.3834, xt. 244 or evitrano@orps.com. I suspected that the Dog Park would be popular but underestimated just how popular it would be. It puts a smile on our faces to see the smiles, both on dogs and people, as they meet new friends. Please keep it as sparkling a gem as it is. A second, more northerly park, on cannabis commercial property to the west, is also in the works. Access to the Park from the parking lot in front of the Main Laundry is still being negotiated, and the exact park layout still has to be determined. The completion of the Park is the responsibility of the cannabis enterprise, but it is hoped that access will be completed before the end of January and the Park com- pleted before the end of the season. That will allow consideration of renovation of the dog relief pens and trash collection area, certainly not the best, nor efficient, arrangement. The Planning Committee will be reviewing options on that upgrade to be tackled in the off - season. Record turnouts to social events in November and December have proven that Residents like to mingle! Please join your neighbors and continue to support the social events that the Lifestyle Department and Clubs

Your Safety and Security Committee is working on a number of goals for the season.

Our annual resort - wide catastrophe drill is scheduled for Friday, March 3rd. It will be a simulated earthquake, and should be a great test. And along with that, a preparedness drill checking out equipment and learning procedures will be held January 13th. We are also trying to plan and host a couple of events. One will be a chance to learn to use our defibrillators, which are strategically located throughout the resort. Another is an event where you can attend, and get your golf car re - keyed. As you may know, any golf car key starts most of the golf cars in the resort, and we can change that. We continue to gather data on speeding, and have begun an educational program in concert with Resort Security. Perhaps you got a friendly reminder! Something we are NOT doing, contrary to Facebook reports, is planning or suggesting any bike lanes, or planning any new traffic rules or regulations. As someone posted, there are enough rules in place for safety as it is. We ARE thinking about painting a walkway, for dogs and people, on the widest roads. It would be a small test, to see if people like it.

And, still looking for someone willing to learn HAM Radio, to operate our equipment.

Have a safe and joyous 2023! Dan Hannah, Safety & Security Chair

Gatehouse Direct - 760 - 770 - 0065

have to offer. Ed Vitrano General Manager





Your Planning Committee has completed a new Project Proposal Form that owners and committees may pick up (please see notices that have come out) that can be completed and turned into Michael Curley in the Convenience Store or Jennifer Miranda in the Front Office. The Planning Committee will review any Project Proposal turned into them. That does not mean your proposal will be one that the committee will act upon. The Planning Committee will do as past Planning Committees have done, and will rank in order, the projects, as current, summertime, or future...2023 - 24, 2024 - 25 or 2025 - 2026. The Planning Committee also realizes the importance of working closely with the Finance Committee as decisions will have to be made as to whether the monies will come out of the Reserve Fund, Capital Fund or both. Let the projects begin!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the A&A team! We hope you had a great holiday and we are looking forward to the new year. As of mid - December, there are close to 300 lots with improvements in progress from minor electrical repairs to complete renovations of the lot. The team is working diligently to process your requests as quickly as possible so you can proceed with your project. As Owners, it is our responsibility to be familiar with the rules and regulations that are in place to ensure a safe environment and that our lots can reflect our individual tastes while maintaining an acceptable aesthetics and architecture across the Resort. We are a unique blend of individuals that all desire a Resort we can be proud of. If you are contemplating any maintenance or improvements to your lot, the first step is to determine if you need a permit before starting any work on your lot. NO WORK CAN START PRIOR TO A&A COMMITTEE APPROVAL OF YOUR PERMIT . Please contact Julia, our Compliance Officer, for assistance with your Permit application or to request a consultation with members of the A&A Committee. As the new year starts, this is a good time to focus on several areas that are critical for a safe environment for you and your neighbors. One of the resort rules is to have your RV properly placed on your lot so that there is easy access to the utility side of your lot. This is important so emergency crews have access to that side of your RV to disconnect utilities and fire suppression. And it is equally important that items not be stored on the utility side so there is clear access. A second important safety item is a properly functioning lot number light. In case of an emergency the first responders need to locate your lot. That effort could take longer if your numbers are not correct, not visible and not properly illuminated at night. If your light is not working make sure the bulb is good and that the circuit breaker on the pedestal is on. If you need further assistance open a Service Request in MicroMain or contact the Dispatch office. The maintenance team can check your light and determine if the issue can be fixed by the Resort or if you need to contact an electrician to make the necessary repairs. And the first of the year is a good time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks to everyone for your efforts to keep ORPS the beautiful Resort we all love and enjoy!

Michael J Curley Planning Committee Chair

You can be Hippies, you can be Rockstars, you can be Astronauts, or Aliens.. you can be anything you want by decorating a table/space at Theme Your Table Night! Also, all are welcome to attend, not just those participating .

50% of the proceeds will go to the prizes & the other 50% to Charity!

Steve Farley A&A Chair

Sign up now at the Lifestyle Office!




she has been a regular. Janet also enjoys Quilting and spending time with her grandkids. Her advice to Newcomers at ORPS would be, don't be afraid to give things a try. That said, she admits she is sometimes shy. Thanks Janet, for being a part of the ORPS Tennis community. Cindy Stoneback Tennis Communications

The Tennis Club wants to welcome everyone. No matter your skill level, or if you're a new player, we ’ d love to have you join us. Our internal leagues will start this month. There are opportunities to play on a team, or play in a men ’ s, women ’ s or mixed event. You can go to the ORPS website, and scroll down to Tennis, to see all the fun ways to participate. Our November Mixer was held 11/19. The theme was “ The Potato Mash. ” After some very fun tennis, we had a delicious lunch of baked potatoes, with toppings of Chili and a crock pot of cheese. The tennis winners included: Les Krupke, Judy Thorgeirsson, Janet Whiteside, Micheal Beal, Steve Simpson, Karen Forsberg, Kim Scholz, John Maysmith, Chuck Condon, Sandy Glennie.

Chavalla ’ s Health Corner:

Exercise is defined as any movement that makes your muscles work and requires your body to burn calories. There are many types of physical activity, including swimming, pickle ball, jogging, walking, and dancing, to name a few. We are blessed here at ORPS to have so many opportunities. Being active has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally. It may even help you live longer ….. Exercise is crucial to supporting a healthy metabolism and burning more calories per day. It also helps you maintain your muscle mass and weight loss. Physical activity helps you build muscles and strong bones. It may also help prevent osteoporosis. Engaging in regular physical activity can increase your energy levels, as well as having favorable effects on the pain associated with various conditions. It can also increase pain tolerance, while offering incredible benefits that can improve nearly every aspect of your health. Regular physical activity can increase the production of hormones that make you feel happier and help you sleep better. So get up and get moving daily for a healthier you! * Reminder , when using the fitness room, Please clean off your own equipment after each use and put weights back where they belong. It ’ s your fitness center! * Bricks still available for purchase. Leave your legacy at ORPS. See the ones already purchased outside the fitness center pathway.

The December Mixer was 12/17, which was after the deadline for this article. The January Mixer will be on 1/21. The December Fritters and Fun, which replaced the Horse Race, took place on 12/3. This month's format was Triples, which included 3 players on each side, rotation after every point on both sides, underhand serving, no overhead smash, and a low compression red ball. The game was well received, and a drawing got 8 players their entry fee back. The fritters were fabulous as usual, and mimosas were also served. The January Fritters and Fun is on 1/7. January Spotlight - Janet was the chairwomen for the Tennis Focus Group from last year. Her committee created many of the ideas that were implemented this year by the Tennis Club. She has regularly

Upcoming Events :

Janet Whiteside

coordinated the NETS, Nice and Easy Tennis, which is now Easy Drop In. She says it's fun meeting new people. Her hometown is Sherwood Park, Alberta. Before retiring, she was a Teachers Aid for special needs preschool children. She also did her husband Jerry ’ s bookkeeping for his electrical business. This is Janet ’ s sixth

Health speakers:

January 12

Dr. Brossfield

February 16

Dr. Scherger.

February 18 is the health and Fitness 5 - k walk/run and the start of the Can/Am week for everyone, even our furry friends.

March 4th , Health and Wellness trade show

season at ORPS. She had never played tennis before coming to ORPS, but after a few lessons with Sparky,

Chavalla Bassham Health & Fitness Chair




Lou ’ s News: The “ Big 18” golf course at ORPS is truly one of the finest and best maintained 18 - hole par 3 courses I have ever seen. However, with the tremendous amount of play and traffic it receives, it is truly under pressure. November alone saw

over 4,000 rounds. That ’ s up 34% from last year. After recently walking this entire course, it is evident “ your help is NEEDED ”!! In order to keep and maintain our beautiful course, I ’ m asking all of you to, not only fix your divots and ball marks, but commit to fixing “5” others as well. We all need to “ chip in ”. Lou Eiguren , Golf Coordinator

Happy New Year everyone. Hope this finds you safe in the resort again and ready to participate in our upcoming events. First of all, the Sweetheart Tournament scheduled for Friday and Saturday, February 10 and 11 , is a favorite here in ORPS. You ’ re more than welcome to participate but be sure to have 5 scores from the Big 18 registered by January 31 , 2023. Renters are welcome to participate. Also, because Nine and Wine was so popular, we ’ re planning to have one once a month . Keep an eye on the calendar to see when that is happening. Live Scoring during tournaments is helping to speed up results. There are TVs located on various lots throughout the course displaying up - to - date scoring. Are we moving well into the 21st century or what? Paper scorecards are still in use for confirmation, so that brings us back to Earth. I was also told that if you take your smartphone off WIFI, live scoring might be a little quicker. Guess it all depends what your cell phone plan offers. A big thanks to Phil Sanstrum for keeping us out of the dark ages. Many Holes in One have been made since the season started. If you ordered a bag tag , be sure to check with the Starter Shack. They should have it (provided I get the reports and money, put the order in, wait 7 days to hear from Powers Awards, pick the tags up, check the order, then pass them on to the Starter Shack for distribution). Remember, if you want your name in the “ Oracle ”, fill out a form so we can publish it. Fred , no need for you to let us know. We know you made one on December 6 and it was hole in one # 36. Congratulations! On another note, for any of you that have a handicap flag for the golf course, you need to pay the annual renewal fee of $20 to cover the trail fee, as stated in the Golf Rules & Regulations Section 5, 5.E., 1. So, until next month -- think nice thoughts, have fun , and don ’ t sweat the small stuff.


Hole #


Dale Wald



Brian Haley



Michael Moore



Rod Hogevoll



Morris Lansing



Lew Evans



Kathy Boustead



Susan Charley



Katy Kupecz



Terry Little



Herschel Nordhaus



Larry Black



Danny Hall



Tom Alexander



Doug Waidely



Marty Lentz



Gary Eggertson



Michelle Moore



Shirley Neumann



Submitted by Deanna Joe, Golf Committee Secretary

Fred Hyde






ORPS Dog Park is a Hit!

Separate Area For Large Dogs

Golf dates to remember: Sunday, January 1:

Starter Shack closed String Tournament 9AM shotgun

Saturday, January 14:

Thursday, January 19:

Team Best Ball Criss Cross

Friday, January 27: Nine and Wine Saturday, January 28: Hole in One Tournament (Owners only, including family)

Parking for Mom & Dad




Some dates to remember … ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Quilt Show – Saturday, February 18 , 2023 Ladies Luncheon Sponsored by the ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club – Wednesday, March 1, 2023 This club is open to everyone. Please drop in and see us or email us for more information at orpsquilters@gmail.com. You can join our Facebook page by searching for: orps quilters & sewing club

Grateful to be a Quilter/Sewer There is a lot of stitchin ’ goin ’ on in the West Room! Every stitch we make is a stitch closer to a finished project. What do we do with it once it ’ s finished? We can keep it for ourselves, gift it to friend or family member, or donate it. Here at ORPS we donate items to the Shelter From the Storm and the Cathedral City Fire Department and we raise money for these charities through sales of our items too. We are very grateful to have the room and the opportunity to quilt and sew every day. For some of us, quilting/sewing is an escape from reality. We enter the sewing room and we are in a world where nothing is impossible. With a sewing machine in front of us, fabric in hand, and imagination to run with, the sky is the limit! Quilting and sewing give us the freedom to express ourselves through our craft. It serves as an outlet. And we can bless the lives of others through our creations. We quilt and sew for a variety of reasons. It is important to each and every one of us in many ways. Sewing can be a way to relax. It is an art form we use to show our creativity. Creating brings joy. We also feel joy through the bond we share with each other within our sewing group. The quilting/sewing community is such an accepting place full of kind, imaginative women we can trust with our life stories. These stories are often swapped during our sewing time together. We are grateful to be able to touch the lives of people around us through our quilting and sewing! The West Room is where you will find us, Monday - Sunday, 8AM - 5PM. Warmly, Carol Allen, President Introducing this year ’ s charity raffle quilts  Chicks with Sticks – Quilted Throw  Mulligan – Quilted Throw  Kaleidoscope Log Cabin – Quilted King Ticket prices are $5 each or five (5) tickets for $20 Come by the West Room to purchase tickets or watch for a pop - up sales table at ORPS events.

Laura Moore, Lot 646 ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Reporter




THE UGLY SWEATER AFTER PARTY The dinner and dance were well - attended! Everyone had a great time!

WINNERS OF THE MIXED DOUBLES UGLY SWEATER TOURNAMENT DECEMBER 2, 2022 2.5: 1 st – Melody and Craig Woods; 2 nd – Karnie and Rick Barnhardt; 3 rd – Nance and Dan Christie; 3.0: 1 st – Fran Duffy and Ralph Joiner; 2 nd – Kristin and John Damazzio; 3 rd – Karen Brewer and Pat McDonald; 3.5: Jeanine and Guy Cook; 2 nd – Cindy Rose and Mark Hanson; 3 rd – Jill Whitney and Richard Block; 4.0 : 1 st – Susan Amondson and Casey Gwinn; 2 nd – Karen Schaper and Steve Stockman; 3 rd - Gary Oedekerk and Chavalla Lopez Bassham. Congratulations to all the winners and a huge round of applause for Kathy Oedekerk ’ s awesome organizational skills and to all those who participated!

LADIES ’ ROUND ROBIN (Girl ’ s Know How to Have Fun!!) – every Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays at 1 PM

Submitted by Lynn Barry, Pickleball Public Relations Lynn Barry, Pickleball Communications




Costs: Annual dues to National FMCA are $50 per year (+$10 first year initiation fee) .Go to www.fmca.com to become a National FMCA member. ORPS Chapter FMCA Annual dues are $25 per year and a $12 badge for each new person. Please help where and when you are able

Orps Family Motor Coach Association Life is Better With Friends, Especially our ORPS FMCA Friends

WHO CAN JOIN ORPS FMCA ? Canadian residences are eligible to join FMCA . You will find local chapter membership applications in both Clubhouses in our wall displays. Please sign up first at www.fmca.com to get your national FMCA ID number. Please direct comments or questions to: Chapter Secretary Ken Hearn Lot 835 kenhearn59@gmail.com Membership in the National FMCA is required for membership in our local chapter FMCA ORPS. FMCA National membership is open to all RVers, Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Vans or Truck Campers. as well as commercial businesses that support the RV world. Even owners of permanent rigs can join. Welcome new members FMCA National Benefits • FMCAssist Medical Emergency & Travel Assistance Program: • If you are 75 miles or more away from your home - base, in the case of a medical emergency or death, this program will provide a professional driver to transport your RV back to your home - base for FREE. (If you are a Full - Timer...there are no “ mileage ” restrictions from a home base – your RV will be transported from anywhere). This benefit will also transport the incapacitated driver and partner/spouse back to home - base for free; as well as any pets that you may have. In the case of Death, the remains will be transported back to home - base for free. • Tires: Reduced prices on Michelin, GoodYear or Continental Tires for your RV and your tow vehicle and ALL vehicles that you own. • Subscription to monthly magazine: “ Family Rving ” • Discounts on Roadside Assistance Plans (for break - downs). • Discounts on RV & private Auto insurance policies. • Exclusive offer for Wi - Fi plan. • Discounts from RV Tours Companies. NOTE: All of the above benefits cover you wherever you are, whether you are traveling with or without your RV. It covers you when you travel in foreign countries (except in War - torn countries) or are traveling on a cruise. The Ugly Sweater party had wonderful food, music, fun and over - the - top donations Pickleball and FMCA again teamed up to raise than $4000 to support “ Santas for Seniors ”. Your generous donations made it possible to deliver gift packages of necessities and a hearty Christmas breakfast meal to 200+ locals right here in Cathedral City. It ’ s been an on - going joint venture with Cathedral City Police force and ORPS residences, the FMCA and Pickleball Clubs.

Cleaned out the store!. Thanks to all Pickleball and FMCA club members, those have donated time at Ugly Sweater Dance and other events, members talent and finances for this wonderful cause. You are making us all proud. Bag Stuffing Volunteers pictured below.

FMCA Chapter and ORPS Pickleball sponsors Santa for a Senior Program

Upcoming FMCA Events Calendar Events Jan 19 - 23: Away Rally to Lake Havasu Balloon Festival, week- end balloon launches with Jeff Buchman and Ken Hearn Jan 24: 4 - 6 PM Potluck Dinner La Palma Ballroom February 11: Tour d ’ Palm Springs, Bicycle the Coachella Valley, short and long rides February 21: Annual Wine and Food Pairing Dinner March 7 - 9: ORPS FMCA On - Site Rally. More details in club newsletters but to include Pickleball and Golf Tournament, Corn hole, Golf Luncheon, Seminars, and our Annual General Meeting March 28: 4:30 - 6:30 PM End - of - Season Business meeting and dinner La Palma ballroom.

Ken Hearn, , Fmca Secretary




The Ukulele Crew got their audience in the Christmas mood when they performed at their Holiday Sing - Along on December 3. The festive decorations in ES and ice cream social helped kick off the holiday season. Next up for The Crew is their performance at the Pickleball Hawaiian Party on January 20 . The Crew meets Wednesdays, 2:00 - 3:30 and Saturdays, 1:00 - 3:30 in LP. The Crew will be entertaining at VillageFest, Thursday night Palm Springs street fair, on February 16 . For more information: Marilyn.Sabens@gmail.com, #363.

Photos by ORPS owner John Silvestri Are you crazy enough to take the challenge and … Tap at 2PM on Tuesdays in ES I would imagine that if you could understand Morse code, a tap dancer would drive you crazy. - Mitch Hedberg, American stand - up comedian





As we enter 2023 may we ask the Lord to give us bifocals of faith. Read this challenge Peter Marshall, Chaplain of the US Senate, gave in a prayer he prayed for them. He prayed this on November 24, 1947, Ponder each phrase carefully. “ God of our fathers and our God, give us the faith to believe in the ultimate triumph of righteousness, no matter how dark and uncertain are the skies of today. We pray for bifocals of faith that see the despair and need of the hour but also see, further on, the patience of our God working out His plan in the world He has made. Help us to interpret the meaning of the motto inscribed on our coins. Make our faith honest by helping us this day to do one thing because Thou hast said; do it, or to abstain because Thou hast said; Thou shalt not. How can one say we believe in You, or even want to believe in You, when we do not do anything You tell us? May our faith be seen in our works, empowered by Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen ” Peter Marshall died one year later having prayed this prayer. Lord help us to apply the challenge of his prayer, as we do we receive Your blessing in this New Year 2023. Chapel 8:50 every Sunday morning … Join us for donuts and coffee, singing and outstanding messengers, and a god time with friends.

We are off to a good start this 2022 - 2023 season! We have started using Scoreholio to run our round robins and tournaments. It ’ s been a little bit of a learning curve but we are all figuring it out. It makes things run much smoother, especially for the individuals that were having to fill out our brackets last season.

We have set up two divisions to play. Our Social Division is for people that have never played before, not confident on their skills or are just in it for the fun. Skill level is beginner to intermediate.

The Competitive division is for players that have played for a while and can hit the board or get it in the hole frequently. The skill level is competitive to advanced.

There will be times that both divisions will play together. We are currently playing on the pickleball courts at ES on: Sundays starting at 2PM, Wednesdays at 3PM. New this season: We are now able to practice, get pointer and have free play on select Fridays from 2 - 4. You do not need to sign up on Scoreholio for Friday play. Please watch the Facebook page for which Fridays we are able to set up boards. Please do not set up your own boards at anytime on the pickleball courts. Submitted by Carolyn Chanez

Speakers for January: Jan 1 The Earrings Jan 8 Ron Cline Jan 15 & 22 John Guest Jan 29 Teen Challenge

Jim Gwinn, Chaplain 847 - 445 - 0077













69411 Ramon Road Cathedral City, California 92234


760 - 328 - 3834



ALL PRO 951 906 5200 BBQ ISLANDS 909 735 5009


244 242

Accounting Front Desk


Operations 262 Community Standards 246 Gate/Security 260



Maintenance Dispatch 293 Communications 252 A1 Store 254 Mailroom 255 La Roma 256


MIA ’ S DESIGNS 760 288 1830

270 271 272 277

Lifestyle Coordinator



Lifestyle Supervisor

GOLF SHACK Attendant

SHADEMAKER INC 951 654 0841


Lupe ’ s Beauty Salon

760 - 328 - 0007




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