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you will from April 2018 have to payroll your car data. It will be mandatory from this time to submit your car data information in the full payment submission. This only applies to those who have chosen to voluntarily payroll company cars as a BiK; so, it does not apply to all employers who provide company cars – you can continue to process in the normal way via P11D and P46 (Car) returns. Gender pay gap reporting The policy team were asked a question about a situation where someone has two or more contracts with the same company and each of these may have a different hourly rate. ACAS guidance talks about part-time workers and job-sharing but not specifically about a situation where people have multiple positions with different hourly rates. The guidance on GOV.UK, however, states that part-time workers are counted as one employee and with job-share arrangements every employee counts as one employee. When it comes to employees who have more than one job with an organisation, you can choose either to count them according to how many

that this will lead to prosecution action taken through the courts and to not ignore this message and that you must ask your lawyer to contact them immediately on a specified number. We would encourage anyone who receives such a call to report it to HMRC. If you are an agent, we would encourage you to warn your clients about this scam call. We know of the following numbers that have been used to make some of these calls, so if you have caller ID we would strongly recommend that you don’t answer the call: ● 0203 279 9120 ● 0203 289 8210 ● 0203 807 4351 ● 0203 290 7104. Please report any misleading websites, emails, phone numbers, phone calls or text messages you think may be suspicious to HMRC via As with any other scam emails or communications HMRC warn against you giving out private information such as bank details or passwords, replying to text messages, downloading attachments or clicking on any links in emails if you are not absolutely certain they are genuine. n

employment contracts they have or as one employee. The organisation can choose the most appropriate approach, but guidance recommends that consistency is the key as it will help the accuracy of your figures if you apply your decision to every similar situation. This does not constitute legal advice; only a court can give a definitive interpretation of how the regulations apply to particular situations. ...anyone who receives such a call to report it to HMRC Scam calls We were made aware of a scam a few weeks ago in which someone calls purporting to be from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), telling the individual that they are being investigated for tax evasion and avoidance. The bogus caller is reported to be saying they are telephoning because they have had a complaint about you and you are being investigated for tax evasion and avoidance. The fraudster is then saying

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