2021 NCWM Newsletter, Issue #1

Inside This Issue: - Chairman's Column - NTEP Column - Safety Column - 106th NCWM Annual Meeting - Welcome New Members! - L&R Interim Report - S&T Interim Report - PDC Interim Report - Tip of the Month - Looking Forward - Event Calendar - Dept. of Illinois Award

NCWM NEWS Nat ional Conference on Weights and Measures

Chairman ’ s Column Hal Prince, NCWM Chairman — State of Florida

2021 Issue 1

NCWM Headquarters 1135 M Street, Suite 110 Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 P. 402.434.4880 F. 402.434.4878 E. info@ncwm.com W. www.ncwm.com Voting Record. ................................16 Department of IL Award . .................17 Chairman’s Column. .........................1 Weights and Measures Week!.......... 2 PDC Interim Report...........................3 NTEP Column...................................4 L&R Interim Report...........................5 106 th NCWM Annual Meeting ............ 6 NCWM Welcomes New Members...................................7 Tip of the Month................................7 Event Calendar.................................8 2022 NCWM Interim Meeting............ 8 New Slate of Officers Nominated ...........................9 S&T Interim Report. ........................10 Past Chair Address ......................... 11 Safety Column. ...............................12 105 th NCWM Annual Meeting Don Onwiler Executive Director Darrell Flocken NTEP Administrator Mike Manheim NTEP Specialist Allen Katalinic NTEP Evaluator Elisa Stritt Meeting Planner Tyler Reeder Project Coordinator

BUT after we happily ushered 2020 out, it was time for action. On January 9th, a small team of masked individuals descended on the Sirata Beach resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida, and began setting up computers, workstations, and projection screens - but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Back home, in preparation for the upcoming event, committees, task groups, workgroups, and others held conference calls and Zoom meetings to plan for all the open hearings and work sessions that would be required for a successful combined meeting. (There are still a few pictures of the little command center on the digital application YAPP. As the Open Hearings began, we were ecstatic to see and hear the tremendous dialog and discussion through this new forum. A substantial number of participants discussed the pros and cons of each voting item with 264 was handled through Zoom instead of our planned use of Election Buddy due to some technical issues, but the NCWM team sprang into action and was able to adapt and verify the eligibility of each of the voters as they cast their votes. The following Interim Meeting went much the same, with each committee able to hear testimony and thoroughly deliberate each item. I would like to first express my sincere appreciation to Craig VanBuren for his leadership and service to the conference in his many roles over the past two years.

Dear NCWM Members, You may recall, my theme for this year is centered around us all working together and “Measuring up to the New Normal”. With everything that has happened over the past few weeks, I would say that every one of you has risen to that challenge! We have just concluded the first-ever January Annual Meeting and the first-ever combined Annual and Interim Meeting! Both held virtually through Zoom. Having seen firsthand the planning and preparation that went into these meetings I can genuinely say that this was a huge accomplishment as well as a tremendous success! Who could ever have imagined when we last met in person in January 2020 that we would be unable to hold face- to-face meetings for an entire year, with no visible end in sight? This has been a challenging year for standards development. We have all endured seemingly endless web meetings and conference calls, distorted and broken internet connections, and possibly even some embarrassing moments while working from home! We’ve made plans for the Annual and Interim meetings, changed plans, canceled plans and, made new plans!

Follow Us!

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Next, to all the committee members and committee chairs who have stayed with their committees and have continued to work the items through to the conclusion, even though their terms we supposed to have ended last July! As we move into the new year, I want to welcome the incoming committee members, committee chairs with a special THANK YOU for picking up the baton. Your commitment and dedication will keep the committee work flowing and sets us up to remain on track for the upcoming July meeting. Through all the challenges associated with holding our first-ever online meetings, our NCWM team: Executive Director Don Onwiler, Elisa Stritt, Tyler Reeder, Darrell Flocken, and Mike Manheim did a terrific job to make the combined meetings successful and seemingly effortless. The staff and A/V team at the Sirata Beach Resort were outstanding and the location provided the space and technology that was needed to make the concurrent virtual meetings possible. The work that was accomplished that week in January will help us all move our states, our jurisdictions, and our industries forward in a time when much of the world is at a standstill! Looking to the future, we are still faced with uncertainty. Will we be able to meet in person, as Robert’s Rules of Order require, to ratify our electronic vote? Will we be able to change our bylaws to allow for future virtual meetings and voting in times such as these? Can the committees

continue the great work they have started through only virtual meetings? In the coming weeks, I, along with the Board of Directors, our federal and international partners, will be assessing the ever-changing situation and making the tough decisions on future meetings and our standards development process. If anyone has a crystal ball they would like to loan us, we would sure appreciate it! I believe that through all of the challenges and uncertainty, the National Conference on Weights and Measures will continue to push forward and fulfill its mission of “Ensuring Equity Through Uniform Standards in a Changing Marketplace”. We all miss the in-person meetings and can’t wait to see you all together in one place again. Until then, I would like to reiterate something from an earlier newsletter, I believe this wholeheartedly: “The continued exchange of diverse opinions and points of view, that are shared by NCWM members is the backbone of the NCWM. Our unique ability to vehemently disagree but still respect each other and value each other’s friendship has become such a rarity in today’s society.” I hope you all stay safe and healthy and especially, I hope to see you all in person at the Annual Meeting in July!

Weights and Measures Week, March 1 - 7! Each year, the first 7 days of March are dedicated to celebrating the world of weights and measures. These dates are designated to commemorate President John Adam’s signing of the first United States Weights and Measures Law on March 2 nd , 1799. This years’ theme is: “Measuring Up to a New Normal.” We are interested in particular activities you may have planned for the week, such as visiting schools or supermarkets, office celebrations, etc. These are fun things to post to our Facebook page if you care to share. Send information and pictures to tyler.reeder@ncwm.com. We’ll post them throughout the week. Mark your calendars!

2 NCWM- News

2021 Issue 1

Professional Development Committee Interim Summary David Aguayo, San Luis Obispo County, California, Committee Chair The 2021 Professional Development Committee (PDC) Interim Report consists of 6 informational items. A presentation was provided to membership by PDC members providing details on each item. The presentation with associated detailed statistical information is available on the NCWM website under the PDC 2021 Interim Report. The PDC requested an extension period, the NCWM Board of Directors agreed and extended all professional certifications expiring between March 1, 2020 through September 2020 to now expire September 30, 2021. The PDC provided an update on the annual review of exam exit survey results. The Committee will continue their work on the analysis of this data to determine any future need for adjustments to exams. The newly formed Skimmer Educational Task Group under the PDC, met during the Interim meeting and provided updates during open hearings. Information on all agenda items provided by the PDC are summarized below. EDU-1 Professional Certification Program

EDU-3 Instructor Improvement It was reported that no new work was completed in 2020 due to in-person training restrictions during the pandemic. The NIST OWM plans to continue collaboration efforts with external trainers in 2021. Appreciation was expressed to those trainers and organizations who participated in trainings. EDU-4 Topics for Conference Training An overview of recommended topics for conference training was provided by the PDC. Previous training topics were discussed and the PDC solicited recommendations for future training topics. The PDC acknowledged the virtual training session offered during the 2021 Interim Meeting, “Regulating During the Pandemic: Lessons Learned” and offered its support on future training topics. PMT-1 Safety Awareness The PDC announced the new Safety Subcommittee Chair, Lori Jacobson (South Dakota, Retired) along with providing information on regional safety representatives. The Committee commented on the current vacancy for a Safety Subcommittee member for the Central Regional. The PDC expressed the appreciation for members who have previously served as regional safety representatives and for those who contributed to safety-related articles for NCWM newsletters. PMT-1 Skimmer Education Task Group The PDC provided information to this added agenda item. The Board of Directors announced an official Task Group under the PDC dedicated to the continuing efforts of education as it relates to skimmers. Task Group Co-Chairs John McGuire and Paige Anderson, along with members of the task group met and discussed goals for 2021. This information was provided during open hearings and captured in the PDC’s 2021 Interim Report. Recruitment for members to join the Task Group is welcome and encouraged.

Updates were provided on the progress of the professional development exams and certificate issuances by exam type and by jurisdiction, including recent trends due to proctoring requirements and pandemic restrictions. Information was provided on the progress of future exam development. The PDC heard and discussed comments on alternatives to assist jurisdictions in meeting the proctoring requirements, including the possibility of virtual proctoring along with hearing from jurisdictions who have successfully implemented proctoring. EDU-2 Training Information was provided on NIST Office of Weights and Measures (OWM) trainings offered in 2020 along with upcoming trainings in 2021. Updates to the laboratory metrology program, laws and metric program, legal metrology device program, and field inspection trainings through NIST OWM were provided. NIST OWM Liaison provided comments to future expansion of virtual training options and the possible offering of videos and on demand trainings to meet future training demands.

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NCWM- News 3

2021 Issue 1

NTEP Column State Director Use of NCWM Publication 14 Mike Manheim, NTEP Specialist

Grain Moisture Meters & Near-Infrared Grain Analyzers • Ambient temperature range • Sample temperature range • Determining the scope of traceability for moisture, protein, oil, starch, and test weight ranges for specific grain types • Typical Features or parameters to be sealed and not required to be sealed Measuring Devices • Product Categories and Families for Meters • Certificate Parameters Based Upon what was Evaluated by NTEP • Use of Compact Provers • Interfacing Indicators and Measuring Elements with CCs but Not Tested Together Weighing Devices • Influence Factor Testing (Handbook 44, Scales Code, T.N.8.) • Certificate Parameters Based Upon what was Evaluated by NTEP • Substitution of Load Cells in Scales • NTEP Testing of Retrofit Kits for Scales • Typical Features or Parameters to be Sealed and NOT required to be Sealed • Acceptable Abbreviations / Symbols It is recommended each state should have a staff member with working knowledge of the NTEP Certificate of Conformance format and an understanding of how to read and interpret the information provided on the certificate. This ability for the field official to verify NTEP traceability on the initial verification is a key element of the NTEP Conformity Assessment Program. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss the content of this article, please contact me (Mike Manheim) at mike.manheim@ncwm.com.

This year, each state director was provided a digital version of NCWM Publication 14 in its entirety. In this article, we will address the publication’s importance and what information is most vital to state directors. NCWM Publication 14 contains four primary sections: Administrative Policy, Grain Moisture Meters and Near-Infrared Grain Analyzers, Measuring Devices, and Weighing Devices. As a reminder, field inspectors should always refer to Handbook 44 for all specifications, tolerances, and other technical requirements. Publication 14 was not designed for use by a field inspector. Instead, it contains the technical requirements and checklists used by the NTEP technicians when they perform extensive evaluations for conformance to Handbook 44 . Each State Director needs to know Publication 14 also contains many administrative policies that have been developed over the years that are critical to the enforcement of NTEP. In the U.S., many states require commercial weighing and measuring devices to be traceable to an NTEP Certificate of Conformance. These states are commonly referred to as NTEP states. Publication 14 contains information pertinent to the administration of state laws, regulations, and/or rules about type evaluation. Below is a list of what each section of Publication 14 contains: Administrative Policy • Devices to be Submitted for Type Evaluation • One of a Kind Devices • Provisional Certificates of Conformance • Certificate Status (Active, Inactive, Withdrawn)

• Conformity Assessment • Use of the NTEP Logo • International Agreements

4 NCWM- News

2021 Issue 1

Laws and Regulations Committee Interim Summary John McGuire (NJ), Committee Chair


The 2021 Laws and Regulations (L&R) Committee InterimAgenda consisted of 22 items. Item Blocks are made up of items considered related in subject matter by which the individual items are companion to each other. During open hearings comments were heard for items contained in blocks as part of testimony for the block as a whole. Presentations and written testimony submitted to the committee are available on the NCWM website. The Fuels and Lubricants Subcommittee and the Packaging and Labeling Subcommittee both met at the Interim Meeting and reported to the L&R Committee. The L&R Committee designated the status for each of the agenda items as follows: VOTING ITEMS Uniform Regulation for the Method of Sale of Commodities PAL-21.1 Section 11.XX. Bacon Uniform Regulation for the Method of Sale of Commodities MOS-20.5 Section 2.21. Liquefied Petroleum Gas BLOCK 7 ITEMS (B7) MOS-21.2 Sec. 2.39.2. Labeling and Identification of Tractor Hyrdraulic Fluid FLR-21.3 Sec. 3.17.1. Labeling and Identification of Tractor Hyrdraulic Fluid BLOCK 3 ITEMS (B3) FLL-18.1 Section 8. Prohibited Acts MOS-18.1 Section 2.33. Oil FLR-18.1 Section 2.14, 3.13., and 7.2 Uniform Fuels and Automotive Lubricants Regulation FLR-20.5 Section 2.1.2.(a). Gasoline-Ethanol Blends

Sec. 2.36.2. Labeling and Identification of Transmission Fluid Sec. 2.36.2. Labeling and Identification of Transmission Fluid



Section 2.20.2. Documentation for Dispenser Labeling Purposes Section 1.23. Ethanol Flex Fuel Section 2.1.2.(b). Gasoline-Ethanol Blends Section 3.2.5. Documentation for Dispenser Labeling Purposes

FLR-20.3 FLR-20.6 FLR-20.7

Handbook 133 NET-16.1

Section 3.X. Recognize the Use of Digital Density Meters Uniform Fuels and Automotive Lubricants Regulation FLR-21.1 Section 4.4. Product Storage and Dispenser Identification



HB 130, Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulation, Section 2.8. Multiunit Package HB 133, Section 1.2.4. Maximum Allowable Variation Sections 2.1. Scope, 3.1. Scope, 4.1. Scope, Maximum Allowable Variation (MAV) Requirement and Section 2.7.3. “Evaluation of Results – Compliance Determinations” HB 133, Create a Chapter 5. Specialized Test Procedures



DEVELOPING ITEMS Handbook 133 NET-20.2



HB 133, Appendix F. Glossary

Section 4.5. Polyethylene Sheeting, Bags and Liners

Uniform Regulation for the Method of Sale of Commodities MOS-20.5 2.21. Liquefied Petroleum Gas

NCWM- News 5

2021 Issue 1


Coming Up!


106 th NCWM Annual Meeting July 18 - 22, 2021 | Rochester, New York

The Annual Meeting is the high point of our year where all the hard work pays off. At this meeting, stakeholders will debate important proposals to amend the United States standards for weights and measures. When the debating is done, the votes will be cast. Our committees have their work cut out for them with some very full and diverse agendas. Committee reports will be available at: www.ncwm.com/publication-16

Manufacturer readily available engineering support

MEETING LOCATION Hyatt Regency Rochester 125 East Main Street

1 st STOP for Direct OEM & Aftermarket Solutions

Group Rate: Prevailing Government Per Diem (2021) Reservation Discount Deadline: June 25, 2021 Click here to make your online reservation! EVENTS The Chairman’s Reception will honor Hal Prince from the State of Florida. The reception will be Sunday, July 18 th , at 5:30 p.m. Dress is business casual. The Special Event is will be held Wednesday, July 21 st and please expect more details in the coming months.

Anyload LLC. Building 6 Unit# 30R 1275 Bloomfield Avenue Fairfield, NJ 07004 US A

Anyload Weigh & Measure Inc. 6855 A ntrim Ave nu e, Burnaby , Bri sh Columbia V5 J 4 M5 Canada

Register Online by June 25 to secure discounted rates!

6 NCWM- News

2021 Issue 1

NCWM Welcomes New Members (10/1/2020 - 12/31/2021)

A.J. Sackett and Sons Company Jordan Smith ABC Transport Services James Reynolds Alaska DOT & PF Div of Meas. Standards and Comm. Vehicle Compliant Katherine Hensley Aldi Joe Kelley Ametek Inc. Natercia Ball Bdt Ecommerce Group Inc. Ai Yang Boise Cascade Bob Taylor CCI Scale Company Tiffany Ulrich Cennox Michael Negley City of East Orange, CA David Seiden Compression Technology

CynDes Solutions Scott Nelson Data Weighing Systems, Inc. Rob Lenser DBS Chuck Oliver e-con Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Sarath Natakam EcoTank Canada Brody Clayton ECR Software Corporation John-Henry Ellis EKM Metering Inc. Adam Brouwer Electronic Payments Inc. Michael Nardy Flooid, Inc. Morgan Dwyer Georgia Dept. of Agriculture John Shugart Hardy Process Solutions Chris Rutman Information Technologies Curves Inc. Matthew Mohebbi Jackson County Weights

JumpMind, Inc. Greg Wilmer KT Fuel Billy Wigginton M&M Label Company Tina Anastopoulos Magellan LP Caleb Guse Magellan Midstream Partners Garrison Haning Missouri Dept. of Agriculture Elizabeth Lambert Jimmy Williams National Propane Gas Assn. Bruce Swiecicki Nebraska Grocery Industry Association, Inc. Ansley Fellers NextCentury Courtney Ellis Peregrine Additives and Lubes Patrick Dunn Pioneer Scale Co., Inc. Kane Fitzgerald

PNI Media Roger Canann Saturn Scale System Inc. Lydia Holley Scaime Damien du Bouetiez Shorehill Capital Robert Jackson South Dakota Office of Inspections, W&M Tyler Steen Squire Patton Boggs Keith Bradley

State of Alaska Raymond David Jordan Feltz Justin Moore

Tiliter LLC Ivo Idavoy TreeTop Inc. Travis Frohreich Triner Scale & Mfg. Co, Inc. Ray Wendt

Tyson Foods Daniel Krause Velab Co. Pablo Carbajal

Corporation Chris Damiani

Ketih Gifford Ron Gordon Jeff Johnson Joshua Jones Blake Hartwick

Connecticut Dept. of Consumer Protection

Daniel Adcock Luigi Zaverella

and Measures Robert Brewer

Credit Card Skimmers Protect yourself from identity fraud at the gas pump. Credit card skimmers have been found in fuel dispensers across the nation and they can steal your personal information with the swipe of your card. Look for a security seal on the door panel. If it’s missing or broken, pay inside. Contact your local Weights and Measures Authority with questions or concerns.

NCWM- News 7

2021 Issue 1


Coming Up!

2021 March NTEP Measuring Labs Meeting ONLINE April NTEP Weighing Labs Meeting ONLINE May NTEP MDMD/Software Meeting Columbus, Ohio May 5-6 CWMA Annual Meeting Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin May 10 - 13 NEWMA Annual Meeting ONLINE May 17 - 20 July 106 th NCWM Annual Meeting Rochester, New York NTEP Grain Meeting Kansas City, Missouri August 10 NTEP Belt/Weighing Meeting TBD August 17 - 18 September NTEP Measuring Meeting TBD September 26 - 30 WWMA Annual Meeting Golden, Colorado Sept. 26 - 30 July 18 - 22 August

2022 NCWM Interim Meeting January 9 - 12 | Tampa, Florida

The Interim Meeting is the time of our year where proposals are brought forth for discussion. At this meeting, stakeholders will discuss important proposals to amend the United States standards for weights and measures. When open hearings are finished, committees will deliberate and report the status of each item. Our committees have their work cut out for them with some very full and diverse agendas. Committee agendas will be available at: www.ncwm.com/publication-15

MEETING LOCATION The Westin Tampa Waterside 725 S. Harbour Island Blvd

Group Rate: Prevailing 2022 Government Per Diem Reservation Discount Deadline: Decemer 16, 2021

EVENTS The Chairman’s Reception will honor Ivan Hankins from the State of Iowa. The reception will be Sunday, January 9 th , at 5:30 p.m. Dress is business casual .

Register Online today at www.ncwm.com/events-detail/2022-interim-FL

DECEMBER 16 Deadline to secure discounted rates!

8 NCWM- News

2021 Issue 1


Jeff Suntup & Certification Number: 11-112 I was issued a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office patent number US 10,875,760. The title of my invention is “METHOD FOR DELIVERING HEATING OIL TO CUSTOMERS OF FUEL OIL DEALERS”. Another, first patent was issued to me by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. That is patent number US 10,626,857. The title of this invention is “APPARATUS FOR DISPENSING SMALL QUANTITIES OF HEATING OIL”. The patented device is commercially known as the PUTNUS®. I have another patent pending that enables forever opportunities for the oil delivery industry. I am 66 years old. I grew up in the oil business and a lifelong resident of New London, Connecticut who built up and sold off both Bernie’s Fuel Oil Co. Inc. and Anytime Fuel Oil LLC. The PUTNUS allows drivers without a special license to sell and deliver small quantities of heating oil, kerosene or diesel with a profitable pathway to a recession-proof business making “oil barons” of regular working people with a pickup truck. The customer’s stamped receipted meter ticket enhances the accuracy of all State and Federal applicable tax audits with the elimination of the illegal use of transfer pumps, 55 gallon drums or 5 gallon cans for the delivery of small taxable quantities of diesel, kerosene, or heating oil. I am readily available to assist in bringing the PUTNUS® system to market with a licensing or leasing agreement, a broker

option or a partner who recognizes the potential. I can be reached at 860-443-0414 or putnus@aol.com

New Slate of Officers Nominated The NCWM Nominating Committee announced the 2021 nominees to the Board of Directors at the Interim Meeting in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The Nominating Committee gives careful consideration to professional experience, individual qualifications, conference attendance and participation, and other factors of importance in selecting officers who will lead this organization into the future. Those who are elected will selflessly give of their time and talents for the betterment of the NCWM mission.

Chairman-Elect Mahesh Albuquerque, State of Colorado Western Representative Cadence Matijevich, State of Nevada At-Large (5 years) Marc Paquette, State of Vermont Congratulations on your nominations!

The following slate will be presented for election at the 106 th NCWM Annual Meeting this July in Rochester, New York:

NCWM- News 9

2021 Issue 1

Specifications and Tolerances Committee Interim Summary Josh Nelson (OR), Committee Chair

The 2021 Specifications and Tolerances Committee Interim Agenda, along with presentations and written comments provided to the Committee, are available on the NCWM website. Oral comments for these agenda items were heard during the Open Hearings at the Interim Meeting and all of the aforementioned were considered by the Committee when assigning the following status for each item as follows: VOTING ITEMS

Recording Element., UR.3.3. Printed Ticket. Recorded Representation OTH-21.2 Appendix D - Definitions.: recorded representations, recording element BLOCK 4 ITEMS (B4) LMD-21.1 Table S.2.2. Categories of Device and Methods of Sealing Vehicle Tank Meters Code VTM-18.1 S.3.1 Diversion of Measured Liquid and S.3.1.1. Means for Clearing the Discharge Hose and UR.2.6. Clearing the Discharge on a multiple-product, single discharge hose

Scales Code SCL-17.1

S.1.8.5. Recorded Representations, Point of Sale Systems, Appendix D-Definitions: tare Multiple Sections to Add Vehicle Weigh-in-Motion to the Code and Appendix D – Definitions: vehicle scale and weigh-in-motion vehicle scale


Electric Vehicle Fueling Systems Code EVF-21.1 A.1. General EVF-20.1

S.1.3.2. EVSE Value of the Smallest Unit

Vehicle Tank Meters Code VTM-20.2


T.2. Load Test Tolerances

Table T.2. Tolerances for Vehicle Mounted Milk Meters

Grain Moisture Meters Code GMA-19.1

Table T.2.1. Acceptance and Maintenance Tolerances Air Oven Method for All Grains and Oil Seeds

Electric Vehicle Fueling Systems Code EVF-20.2 Definitions: submeter EVF-21.4 S.3.3. Provision for Sealing EVF-21.6


Definitions: minimum measured quantity (MMQ)

TXI-20.1 TNS-20.1

T. Tolerances T. Tolerances

Other Items OTH-21.1

Other Items OTH-16.1

Appendix A - 21.1. Acceptance and Maintenance Tolerances

Electric Watthour Meters Code Under Development


ASSIGNED ITEMS BLOCK 2 ITEMS (B1) Define True Value for use in Error Calculations SCL-20.3

S.1.1.3. Zero Indication, Load Receiving Elements Separate from Weighing Elements. and Appendix D – Definitions: no load reference value

S.5.4. Relationship of Minimum Load Cell Verification Interval to the Scale Division Table 3. Parameters of Accuracy Classes. Table S.6.3.a. Marking Requirements, Note 3. T.N.1.2. Accuracy Classes & T.N.1.3. Scale Division

SCL-20.4 SCL-20.5 SCL-20.6 SCL-20.7 SCL-20.8


G-S.5.6. Recorded Representations


S.1.6.5. Money Value Computations., UR.3. Use of a Device S.1.1. Primary Elements., UR.2. User Requirements S.1.1. Primary Elements., UR.2. User Requirements S.1.4.1. Printed TicketRecorded Representation., UR.2.6.3. Printed TicketRecorded Representation S.6. PrinterRecorded Representations., UR.2.6. Ticket Printer, Customer Ticket, Recorded Representation., UR.3.4. Printed Ticket. Recorded Representation S.1.4.1. Printed TicketRecorded Representations., UR.2.4.2. Tickets or Invoices. Recorded Representation S.2.6. Recorded Representations, Point of Sale Systems., S.6. Printer. Recording Element., UR.3.2. Vehicle-mounted Measuring Systems Ticket Printer

Table 7. Maintenance Tolerances Table 8. Recommended Minimum Load

VTM-21.1 LPG-21.1 CLM-21.1

BLOCK 1 ITEMS (B1) Terminology for Testing Standards (verification standards, field standards, transfer standards, field reference standards, etc.) tolerances on tests when transfer standards are used, minimum quanitity for field reference standard meter tests GEN-19.1 G-T.5. Tolerances on Tests When Transfer Standards



are Used., Appendix D – Definitions: standards, field., transfer standard. and standard, transfer. N.2. Verification (Testing) Standards

SCL-18.1 ABW-18.1


N.2. Verification (Testing) Standards Using Transfer Standards

10 NCWM- News

2021 Issue 1

BLOCK 1 ITEMS (B1) - Continued AWS-18.1



Use-for-Fee Vehicle and Axle-Load Scales

N.1.3., N.3.1. Official UR.4. Testing Standards N.3.2. Transfer Standard Test and T.3. On Tests N.3.2. Transfer Standard Test, T.3. On Tests Using Transfer Standards HGM-18.1 N.4.1. Master Meter (Transfer) Standard Test, T.4. Tolerance Application on Test Using Transfer Standard Test Method 5.56(a): N.1.1. Air Oven Reference Method Transfer Standards, N.1.3. Meter to Like-Type Meter Method Transfer Standards and 5.56(b): N.1.1. Transfer Standards, T. Tolerances Appendix A: Fundamental Considerations, 3.2. Tolerances for Standards, 3.3. Accuracy of Standards Appendix D – Definitions: fifth-wheel, official grain samples, transfer standard and Standard, Field N.3.2. Transfer Standard Test and T.3. On Tests Using Transfer Standards N.3.2. Transfer Standard Test and T.3. On Tests Using Transfer Standards N.3. Test Drafts N.2. Testing Standards N.4.1. Master Meter (Transfer) Standard Test and T.4. Tolerance Application on Test Using Transfer Standard Test Method Appendix D – Definitions: field reference standard meter and transfer standard

Scales Code SCL-16.1

CLM-18.1 CDL-18.1

Sections Throughout the Code to Include Provisions for Commerial Weigh-in-Motion Vehicle Scale Systems

SCL-21.1 S.1.1. Zero Indication Automatic Bulk Weighing Systems Code ABW-16.1


A. Application, S Specifications, N. Notes, UR. User Requirements and Appendix D – Definitions: automatic bulk weighing system

MFM-15.1 LVS-18.1 OTH-18.1



Table S.2.2. Categories of Device and Methods of Sealing


Mass Flow Meters Code MFM-21.1



UR.3.3. Ticket Printer: Customer Ticket

Electric Vehicle Fueling Systems Code EVF-21.2 A.2. Exceptions EVF-21.3


LPG-15.1 MFM-15.1

N.3. Test Drafts

S.1.2. EVSE Indicating Elements, S.2.4.1. Unit Price, S.2.5. EVSE Money-Value Computations., S.2.7. Indication of Delivery

N.3. Test Drafts WITHDRAWN ITEMS General Code GEN-20.1

G-T.3. Application and Appendix D – Definitions: true

Past Chairman Address Craig Vanburen, State of Michigan

the conducting of business. There are challenges that try who we are and there are triumphs. While we should not forget those challenges, as they are a big part of what shapes us, we also should not lose sight of the triumphs and our ability to overcome, grow and strengthen, as a conference, as leaders in our field, as counterparts and coworkers, and as friends. I look forward to being a part of the future of the National Conference on Weights and Measures. I would like to thank Brett Gurney and Hal Prince for the leadership and assistance, as well as the entire Board of Directors. Thank you to the entire NCWM staff (Don, Elisa, Tyler, Darrell, and Mike) for their guidance and assistance during my service and their daily handling of operations. And finally, thank you to my staff for their support and their quality of work. It is because of them I am in the position I am and have been afforded this opportunity. Thank you and stay safe and healthy.

It has been an honor to serve as the chair of NCWM over the last year. It obviously has not been the chairmanship I expected, but,none the less, has been a great experience. In many ways, I think we all may have learned more because of having to conduct business during a pandemic.

Primarily, it was important not just to communicate, but learn to communicate effectively. That may be the biggest takeaway from my term, not just for me, but for the entire Board of Directors and Conference members. Like many of you, I have been a member of NCWM for a long time, almost half of my life. It is a part of who I am. There is an ebb and flow to operations and

NCWM- News 11

2021 Issue 1

Safety Column Who’s Got Your Back? Ron Armstrong, NWTES, Safety Officer

don’t feel up to the task, try doing some bodyweight squats while watching T.V. or during your work break. It won’t take long to build some strength so that your legs won’t fail you the next time you squat down to pick something up. Along with that exercise, practice picking up light objects and setting them back down using your legs until it becomes second nature. Keep It Close This not only includes keeping an object close to your body while performing a lift, but also keeping items in reach of your workspace. Overreaching will cause other musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) including back strain. The further an object is away from you, the greater is the force placed on your back. Redesign your workspace if that is what it takes to get things within reach to prevent overreaching and causing strain. The object doesn’t have to be heavy to cause an injury, repetition may also cause MSD’s. Never Twist and Lift Before my back was “back” to normal, my wife returned from work one day complaining that her back hurt from straining it when she turned to lift a box while putting it on a shelf. Two people suffering back injuries at the same time in the same home made me sit up and take notice. Twisting alone can result in injury. But, when you add the element of weight, it greatly increases the chance of injury. Do not move your upper body without moving your feet. Point your feet in the direction that you want to go. If your work involves twisting to take an item from one place to another, it could be that the two work areas are too close together. In this case, moving one work area, (bench, table, or the like), further away may be the solution because it will force you to move your feet rather than twisting your body. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but these key elements will go a long way in preventing injury to yourself. So, to answer the question “Who’s Got Your Back?”, the answer is no one. No one but yourself that is. You are the only one who can take the proper steps to avoid back injury. It takes a conscious effort to think before we lift, squat, twist, or make a move which may have dire consequences. Therefore, “watch your back”, no one else will!

How in the world did I do that? With all the emphasis that I give on safety in my position to prevent injury in the first place, how did I just injure my back? It wasn’t a heavy object. I simply lifted it and put it in my car. As a Safety Officer, you would think I would be more aware of my lifting movements. But I wasn’t. I didn’t think through the proper lifting steps to prevent what I just did. As a result, I had to nurse my back for over a week before it felt normal again. Everyone experiences back problems of some sort. Anything from lifting an object to sleeping in the wrong position. We know how debilitating back injuries can be. The irony is that most, if not all of us, have been properly trained to avoid back injuries at some point in our lives. Preventing back injuries isn’t only about proper lifting procedures. All it takes is one wrong move or twist, without giving it a second thought, let alone a first. In my case, it wasn’t the lifting that caused the injury, but lowering the object. So how can a person mitigate the potential of a back injury to themselves? Keep Your Spine Aligned If there was one all inclusive go-to step, it would be this one: any time you lift an object or are tempted to bend over to pick something up, keeping your spine in a straight vertical line will mitigate many back injuries in and out of the workplace. By keeping the spine aligned, it will ensure that when you are lifting or lowering an object, you will squat to do so rather than bending at the waist. Bend at the Knees, Lift with Your Legs We’ve heard it all before, “bend at the knees and lift with your legs”. But, do we? Bending at the waist is the easiest and most convenient way to to pick something up, but it’s also the culprit of many injuries. Lifting with your legs will force you to bend at the knees rather than at the waist. And yes, it takes a conscious effort. In my case, lowering with your legs to put something down is as important as lifting with them. If your legs

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One Tool: # 1 Inspection Software WinWam Software There is only one Software product that addresses all of your Weights & Measures Inspection needs. That tool is WinWam Software. WinWam Software is a collection of four powerful modules, which can be purchased separately or together. All of the Weights & Measure modules have been built to perform inspections in accordance with NIST regulations. One Tool and # 1 Inspection Software. WinWam is the most widely used Weights & Measures inspection software on the market. Currently, thirty-one (31) states have purchased WinWam, along with numerous county and city governments.

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Package Checking WinWam Package Checking Software is designed for W&M officials and quality assurance professionals to perform standard and random inspections in accordance with NIST Handbook 133. WinWam Package Checking Software guides you through the inspection process. Error, MAV, Cost Error are calculated for each test. Color displays allow easy identification of Pass Fail or Gray Areas. Some of the features include:

Device Inspection WinWam Device Inspection Software is designed to perform and record Handbook 44 inspections WinWam Device Inspection Software supports all devices specified in Handbook 44 including but not limited to: scales, (apothecary, computing, livestock, shipping, vehicles, etc.) meters, LP Gas, LMD, linear devices, timing devices, etc. Whether acceptance or maintenance WinWam calculates tolerances for nearly all tests.

WinWam Device Inspection Software provides a comprehensive

▪ Category A & B Sampling Plans ▪ Automatically Calculates MAV’s Normal USDA Standard, USDA Fluid, Bark Mulch, Polyethylene Sheeting ▪ Allow variations due to moisture loss ▪ Calculates SEL and Standard Deviation ▪ Dynamically calculates Rc/Rt for tare ▪ Calculates conversion factors for volume inspections ▪ Calculates Cost Error, Average Error, Average Cost Error % Error

database of business establishments with a complete inventory of devices. Full detail inspection data allows management the ability to better measure economic impact of the W&M program.

Price Verification WinWam Price Verification Software is designed in accordance with NIST Handbook 130. The Software runs standalone or with a handheld scanner. Software calculates error, lot cost error, net dollar error and calculates Over / Under Ratio. Accommodates Intentional Under-charge and Not On File.

Hypertext Handbooks Hypertext Handbooks are a collection of on-line reference manuals in which the user can view government regulations, search on a particular topic and print any part of the handbook with the touch of a button.

2021 Hypertext Handbooks available now!

Nover Engelstein & Associates, Inc. Developers and sole source providers of WinWam Software 3000 Atrium Way, Suite 2203 Mount Laurel NJ 08054 phone: (856) 273-6988 web-site: www.winwam.com e-mail: sales@winwam.com

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National Conference on Weights and Measures / National Type Evaluation Program Voting Record of the 105 th Annual Meeting January 10-12, 2020, St. Pete Beach, Florida Voting Record of the 105 th Annual Meeting January 10-12, 2021, St. Pete Beach, Florida

House of State Representatives


House of Delegates


Board of Directors Consent Calendar: ACT-7 & SPB-4 To Accept the Report

General Membership: Yea: 85, Nay: 0 General Membership: Yea: 74, Nay: 0

Adopted Adopted

Laws & Regulations Committee MOS-20.3 Yea: 37 Nay: 0

Yea: 44 Nay: 0 Yea: 44 Nay: 1 Yea: 43 Nay: 0 Yea: 38 Nay: 3 Yea: 40 Nay: 2 Yea: 45 Nay: 0


Block 5: MOS-18.2 & FLR-20.4

Yea: 37 Nay: 1 Yea: 35 Nay: 0 Yea: 38 Nay: 1 Yea: 39 Nay: 1 Yea: 39 Nay: 0








To Accept the Report


Specifications & Tolerances Committee Consent Calendar: SCL-20.13, LMD-20.2, LPG-20.1, WTR-20.2, EVF-19.1, TIM-20.1, GMA-20.1, MDM-20.1 Yea: 39 Nay: 1

Yea: 53 Nay: 0


Yea: 25 Nay: 16 Yea: 31 Nay: 7 Yea: 27 Nay: 11 Yea: 38 Nay: 2 Yea: 39 Nay: 1 Yea: 40 Nay: 0 Yea: 38 Nay: 0

Yea: 35 Nay: 16 Yea: 34 Nay: 9 Yea: 36 Nay: 15 Yea: 49 Nay: 3 Yea: 41 Nay: 1 Yea: 48 Nay: 0 Yea: 46 Nay: 1


Returned to Committee











To Accept the Report


Professional Development Committee None National Type Evaluation Committee None Nominating Committee None

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Committment to Quality Award Given to Illinois Bureau of Weights and Measures!

The Illinois Bureau of Weights and Measures was the proud recipient of the Commitment to Quality Award for 2020. While most of the awards presented by the Department are individual awards, the Commitment to Quality Award was given to Weights and Measures as a team. The nomination write-up is presented below in it’s entirety: First, I would like to nominate the Bureau of Weights and Measures. This is a fantastic group of men and women that work together as a team to ensure that not only the residential consumers in Illinois, but all visiting consumers to our fine state are receiving what they pay for. Our Office Staff includes: Doug Rathbun, Ed Gray, Lenny Goebel, Jim Mackey Karl Cunningham, John Satterlee, and Brad Lowery The backbone of our bureau are our inspectors: Steve Carter, Zack Miller, John Spiller, Cody Williams, Whitney Schultz, Derek Davis, Tyler Griswold, Brenden Jostes, Autumn Nagy, Ivan Palamore, Jeff Piazza, Jeff Warner, Erik Beckner, Dave Taulbee, Andrew Goetsch, Ricky Henley, Devon Hinegardner, Sue Johnson, Shawn May, Alex Nevarez, Bob Pankala, Julie Reifschneider, Terry Repp, Garrett Russell, Chris Schuler, Jeff Tubacki, Jeanneen Wilson, Cedric Allen, and Steve Wirkuty Our inspectors regulate and inspect every fuel pump and scale used for commercial trade or sale in the state of Illinois. Our office staff handles all the billing and payments generated from these inspections. The inspectors work all day and often put in overtime into the evenings or on weekends to make sure their areas are getting done. As office staff we are keeping up on all accounting activities, fines, consumer awareness, consumer complaints, certifying register service companies, and much more to keep our bureau running smoothly. The metrology lab keeps busy with certifying weights and test measures to ensure Jared Howland, and Mae Emerick Our Metrology Lab Staff includes:

accurate devices are being used to test all the pumps and scales in the state. Our inspectors are continually making sure that as consumers we are all purchasing compliant fuel at fair prices. They are making sure that we are receiving what we paid for. They not only inspect every fuel pump in the state throughout the year, they inspect every meter and every scale used for commercial trade or sale in the state. This means that when you go to a deli, meat counter, or check out you know you are not being charged for more than you purchased. We also take consumer complaints and follow up on each and every one. We want the consumers of Illinois to know we care and we listen. In the office we have a great rapport with consumers and our clients that we inspect. We often get told how much they appreciate our quick responses and friendly dispositions. In conclusion, I felt it was necessary to acknowledge the Bureau of Weights and Measures especially this year. As we all know 2020 has been a rough year. The Department of Agriculture was shut down for almost 3 months. Our bureau took a major hit not only financially but being delayed. Our bureau is self-funded and with 3 months of no revenue from inspections we took a hit. However, when we were called back every single one of us hit the ground running. Our inspectors especially have been working extra hours to try to play catch up. Many inspectors already have their assigned areas caught up and are now jumping in to assist other inspectors. This is what’s great about our team, everyone has each other’s backs and jump in to help each other whenever it’s needed. We also see that in our office. You never hear anyone say, “that’s not my job”. All you hear is, “What can I do to help.” I truly believe that our bureau deserves some recognition for all their hard work and accomplishments. Especially after the year they’ve had. There is so much more I could say, but I hope this gives you an idea of how important, hardworking, and deserving the Bureau of Weights and Measures is for the Department of Agriculture.

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Employment Opportunities NCWM is proud to serve the weights and measures community, both private and public sectors, by listing employment opportunities. Any organization that maintains memberships with NCWM may request positions be posted online for public viewing at: www.ncwm.com/employment-opportunities If you wish to post employment opportunity information, please send inquiries to: info@ncwm.com

Thank you for your support of NCWM!

National Conference on Weights and Measures “That Equity May Prevail”

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