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Over the years, as our patients have learned about our two sons, Zack and Nathan, I’ve consistently gotten one piece of advice: Enjoy your time with your kids because they grow up quickly. I’ve done my best to take that advice to heart, but it didn’t stop them from growing up. It’s hard to believe, but this school year, Zack is headed into the eighth grade and Nathan into fifth. It seems like just yesterday we put Zack on the bus to school for the very first time. What I remember most was how excited Zack was. Jumping up and down with his new backpack, he was more than ready when the bus arrived. He ran up to the doors, said hello to the bus driver, and immediately found a seat and started making friends. Meanwhile, Emilie was crying and I just stood there trying to comprehend the fact that my little baby was on a bus by himself. Nathan shared his brother’s enthusiasm when it was his turn, and thankfully, it was a little easier for Mom and Dad to go through it a second time. But that’s how both boys have always been. They never cling to where they are at. They’re always ready to sprint on to the next

“THE FACT THAT BOTH REHEARSALS AND TRYOUTS GET GOING RIGHT AS THE SCHOOL YEAR ROLLS IN UNDERSCORES JUST HOW QUICKLY MY SONS ARE GROWING UP.” scripts he reads meticulously. It’s incredibly rewarding as a parent to see the hard work he puts in come to life on stage. Meanwhile, Nathan is hitting the ice for hockey tryouts to find out which travel team he’ll join this year. Watching him bob and weave around the rink, it’s hard to believe he complained that “the ice is too slippery” the first time phase of life. Slow has never been their style, and watching them meet each of life’s adventures head-on has been one of the most bittersweet joys of parenting. As I’ve talked about in the past, the boys have very different hobbies but approach them with the same drive. This time of year, Zack starts rehearsing for the school’s fall theater production, coming home with printed

we took him skating as a toddler. From the hockey stands to the theatre, it’s been magical to see the boys develop the passions they’ve chosen. The fact that both rehearsals and tryouts get going right as the school year rolls in underscores just how quickly my sons are growing up. They don’t seem to notice it, but I certainly do. When you’re a kid, five years feels like forever, but I know that for me, I’m going to blink and Zack will be going off to college. I’m not too worried about it though. I know he’ll meet that day with the same energy and enthusiasm he had on his first day of kindergarten, sprinting headlong into the next chapter of his life. Zack and Nathan, I’m so proud of the young men you’ve already become. Your mom and I can’t wait to see all the things you accomplish in your lives. Hold on to your passions and your unwavering enthusiasm, and both of you will go far.

Just don’t grow up too fast,

–Mike Ulmer | 1

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