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The ultimate vacation is one where you can shut down your brain and just have fun. It’s easy to let the burdens of life drag you down, but to lead a fulfilled life, you have to enjoy every moment you can. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to encounter complications, but a healthy goal to shoot for is having a 5:1 ratio of fun to problems. With that in mind, here are three ways you can create a vacation jampacked with memories this summer. TURN OFF We live in a digital world, but that doesn’t make technology a requirement . When you’re on vacation, your time is your own. By putting away the electronic devices and being present in the moment, you’ll find a world full of opportunity in front of you. A detox from devices could be all you need to create a joyful vacation. BRANCH OUT Maybe it’s trying a new destination or finding an unfamiliar beach, restaurant, or hotel in a familiar area. Whatever the case, taking a risk and finding something fresh will be an experience you'll be less likely to forget. Neale Donald Walsch said it best when he stated, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Anyone can travel to the usual destinations, but only a select few are brave enough to experience the unknown. While hopping on life’s equivalent of the USS Enterprise may be scary, it is sure to provide you with adventure. SHARE MEMORIES Vacations are nothing without people to share them with. Having those you love by your side is a meaningful way to enrich any experience. Companionship on vacation can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Summer is the time to write your family history. How many of you experience fun at a 5:1 ratio? It’s time for us to get out, experience life's beauty, and leave the problems for another day. 3 VITAL WAYS TO CREATE LASTING VACATION MEMORIES MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE UNFORGETTABLE

If you’re young at heart and looking to stay (or get) in shape this summer, consider taking a trip to the mall. No, not to pick up some hot new exercise product or dietary supplement, but to walk a few laps. Safe and convenient, “mall walking” has become one of the biggest trends in senior fitness. COOL IN THE SUMMER, WARM IN THE WINTER This time of year, heatstroke can be a real concern when exercising outside. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a homebody. Because malls are spacious and climate-controlled, they make great year-round walking venues, especially when summer temperatures spike. You don’t While the average American shopping center isn’t as scenic as the Appalachian Trail, they are far more convenient. Replete with bathrooms, cool drinking water, and plenty of benches, the mall lets you focus on exercising and removes all of the “what ifs” that come with aging. Most malls are also outfitted with EMT kits in the event of a medical emergency. SQUEEZE IN SOME SHOPPING It is still a mall, after all. Why not check a few items off your shopping list or reward yourself with a new pair of sneakers? Getting things done as you exercise makes the experience that much more rewarding. Just remember not to overdo it. Carrying too many shopping bags can place undue stress on your back — and your wallet. YOU WON'T BE ALONE Today, malls are the second-most popular places to walk in America, after neighborhoods. Mall walking has become so big that many communities and senior living centers have put together official groups to stride together. Your local mall may already open early to accommodate walkers. So if you’re looking to make friends in an active, fun-loving community, do some research. Chances are there’s a mall- walking club near you! even need to put on sunscreen! REST STOPS ABOUND


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