NextLevelSports: Why Warming Up Before Exercise Is Important

Additional Benefits Of Warming Up Before Exercise

While injury prevention is the main benefit, there are many ways that warming up helps your body. Some additional benefits include: • Reducing muscle tension. When your body isn’t warmed up, it becomes tense and tight. Tense and tight muscles have restricted blood flow and may not activate as effectively. Stretching and light exercises before a workout helps to alleviate this tension and help muscles expand and contract more efficiently. • Increasing range of motion in your joints. Joints that move better, work better! Warming up helps your joints move fluidly and throughout their full range of motion. This improves movement efficiency and function, which means better performance. • Improving circulation. In addition to improving muscle mechanics, the enhanced circulation that warm-ups bring can also accelerate the recovery of painful areas, reduce post-workout soreness, and increase your energy levels. • Helping with stress relief. There's a strong link between physical tension and mental tension. By alleviating physical tension with a consistent warm-up routine, you can ease psychological stress, too. Plus, evidence shows that (dynamic) stretching and/or participating in light exercises before a workout improves your "psychological readiness" and helps you get your head in the game. Ready to get started? Contact us today! All in all, adopting a proper warm-up routine before participating in strenuous physical activity is a small-time investment for a long-term benefit. If you have any questions about how to warm up properly and how we can help, contact Next Level Physio today.

Exercises of the Month Try these movements if you are experiencing aches & pains

DEAD BUG | HEEL TOUCHES Lie on back, hands up, knees up and engage your core. Slowly lower one heel to the ground. Alternate sides. Keep core engaged.

THORACIC EXTENSION KNEELING PUSH UPS Kneel on knees with buttock touching heels. Hands and forearms on the ground in front of you. Push up to lift your chest and upper back only.

Relieves Aches & Pains


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