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Kitten Apps

Spring is here and everyone has a lot more energy, which couldn’t come at a more convenient time with April Fools’ Day right around the corner. While some pranks can go overboard, a few can provide everyone the right amount of fun and laughter.

This is the perfect prank for anyone with an iPhone. If you can access a coworker’s phone, launch the website, iPhoneception, on their browser. After you open

the site, turn all their app shortcuts into cat faces. This is an excellent prank for the friend who isn’t very tech-savvy or isn’t the biggest fan of cats.

One of my old staff members told me about a clever prank she and her fellow staff members pulled on a fellow dentist in the area. The staff

Lamp Bug Silhouettes

This is a fun, harmless prank that will, at the very least, make your friends or coworkers jump. Just print and cut out the shapes of the most

made a fake schedule for the dentist filled with all of his highest-maintenance patients. When he saw the schedule, he was shocked and began to stress out before the day even started. Luckily, the prank only lasted 15 minutes when the first patient from his actual schedule showed up. The great thing is that it could never happen to me since all of our patients are so easy to work with. But if you’re looking for some fun, lighthearted pranks to execute around the office, here are a few that will make your day but not ruin theirs.

recognizable insects. Then, tape them to the inside of a lampshade. When they turn on the lamp, they will immediately see the shadow of some of the area’s grossest insects without actually having to deal with a bug problem.

“Need a fun way to wake up your

coworkers? Tape an airhorn to the bottom of their desk chair. When you do this, as they sit in their chair, the chair will sink just enough to set it off.”

Classic Airhorn on the Bottom of the Seat

Need a fun way to wake up your coworkers? Tape an airhorn to the bottom of their desk chair. When you do this, as they

Veggies in the Doughnut Box

When you show up to work with three boxes of delicious doughnuts, your coworkers will shower you with praise. That is ... until they open the box to find a collection of cruciferous greens. Nothing will taste as disappointing as broccoli and cauliflower when you were expecting a fun glazed treat to start your day.

sit in their chair, the chair will sink just enough to set it off. The trick to this prank, though, is in the placement of the airhorn. Make sure it is at the right height below the seat because if it’s too low, the air horn won’t go off. As a precaution, install and test it the day before — after your coworker leaves for the day. Do you have any lighthearted office pranks you love to pull on April Fools’ Day? Let me know next time you’re in the office! We love sharing classic April Fools’ stories around the office.

Scotch Tape Sensors

Want to mess with someone’s personal computer or TV? Just put a small piece of Scotch or electrical tape over the sensor on their remote or mouse, which will temporarily block the signal. Make sure the color of the tape matches the appliance, but when in doubt, colored sharpies will disguise anything.

–Scott Robinson




Break out your calculators and grab your aprons because it’s almost Pi Day! This holiday has gained popularity among mathematicians and bakers alike — two groups that rarely overlap.

3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510

To make things simple, we often round pi up to 3.14, but many people have challenged themselves to memorize and recite as many digits as possible. In the Guinness Book of World Records, the record is currently held by Rajveer Meena, who recited pi to the 70,000th digit on March 21, 2015. And he did it all while blindfolded!

Pi Day is March 14, which when written numerically is 3/14, the first three digits of

the mathematical constant pi. Pi is special because it’s used to calculate the circumference of a circle. This

might not sound like a big deal, but pi is used in engineering, construction, GPS, motors, power generation, and even television! If we hadn’t calculated pi, none of these achievements would be possible. Pi is pretty important, and it’s definitely worth celebrating! Here are two ways you can get in on the fun. Learn to Recite Pi Pi has fascinated mathematicians for centuries because it’s an irrational number, meaning the digits go on forever. If you want to try your hand at memorizing some of the numbers, here are the first 50 decimal digits of pi (with spaces, so they’re easier to remember!).

Eat Some Pie Another popular way to enjoy Pi Day is to bake and eat pie. This dessert is perfect because it’s both a homophone (same pronunciation as “pi” but with a different spelling and meaning) and a circle. Challenge your friends to a pie-baking contest, or buy your favorite pie from the store and have a pie-eating contest. And, while this may be a controversial stance, we believe pizza pie deserves a place in Pi Day celebrations, too.

Here’s to Pi Day: the tastiest, nerdiest holiday of the year!


If you read our February edition, you know how surprised we were about how many STEM events our community has to offer! Admittedly, when thinking of how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we were a little worried about how many things would be going on in Grand Rapids. Luckily enough, we were amazed yet again to see how much the area has to offer for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! Street Festivities At 11 a.m. on March 16, join the downtown community for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade! Experience an array of authentic Irish music, dancing, and culture. Afterward, stay in the downtown area for Irish on Ionia. If you’re unfamiliar, this is Michigan’s largest St. Patrick’s Day street party. The festivities include live music, food from the neighborhood’s top local vendors, and, of course, green beer. The party concludes at 10 p.m., so you will have plenty of time to check out everything else the community has to offer. Bars and Breweries St. Patrick’s Day is Flanagan’s Christmas. If you’ve never been, Flanagan’s is an Irish-themed bar in the heart of downtown. This year, they’re pulling out all the stops with a two-day Irish celebration March 16–17. On the 16, Flanagan’s is hosting three live bands, and on the 17, there will be three different live bands.

Are you a fan of breweries? Be sure to check out HopCat Downtown on March 16. The pub is showcasing the eco-friendliest breweries in the area. If you’re looking for something different, from 6–9 p.m., hop on the Grand Rapids Beer Trolley for a tour of all the local breweries! Events and Celebrations If you’re looking for something the whole family can enjoy, the Fred & Dorothy Fichter Butterflies Are Blooming

exhibit at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is fun for everyone! Keeping in theme, the event displays some of the world’s greenest butterflies! For the runner in your family, consider the 36th Annual Spectrum Health Irish Jig 5K! It follows a USA Track & Field- certified course around East Grand Rapids. If any of these events suit you and your family, be sure to check them out on the big green day! You can find updates on these and other significant St. Patrick’s Day events at!


The Power of Family Pets

To all the patients who referred us this month or donated to our quarterly charity, you are now eligible for the iPad giveaway drawing! THANK YOU!


Marcie D. Julie G. Tammy H. Dan T. Issac A. Lois V. Heather R. Michelle W.

Kelly L. Bronsyn T. Heather B. Lynn L. Mary P. Lindsy H. Kathie M. Rachel W. Thomas G. Jessica R. Gloria S. John W. Kimberly B. Kyle M.

Jacki B. Alyssa D. John P. Paul K. Grace L. Nathan R. Brett A. Kirk C. Wendy H. Sunny K. Edward F. Lanse S.

Since April 11 is National Pet Day, we thought it would

be a great opportunity to showcase the four- legged member of our family and the impact having a pet can have on yours! We both grew up with animals, so we know firsthand the difference

Sara D. Lisa M.

Norman S. Mandy W. Barb H. Brittany P.

a furry family member can make. Plus, the entire family

wouldn’t be as full as it is without Coco and the other pets we’ve had along the way.

As the kids have grown up, we’ve ensured they develop compassion for animals by adopting hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs. While we may have had to care for them a little more than the kids did, it did show them the love you need to give to animals. They also saw how nice it is to have a companion there for you when you feel sad or stressed. But the furry family member that has made the biggest impact on the family is Coco. Coco is our 2-year-old Rottweiler. In fact, she has been entertaining us since even before she made it home. One of Beth’s teammates, Lisa, actually found her. It was also a couple of weeks before Christmas, so Beth thought it would be a great idea to make Coco a Christmas present for the kids. Lisa had a great time with Coco, but with how energetic she was, Lisa was happy to drop her off Christmas morning. When we opened the door to a clumsy black-and-brown puppy, the kids were ecstatic. With how young the kids were, it seemed like Coco was the only one who could keep up with them. Whenever they were bored, Coco was ready to play and entertain the kids. But it’s not only the kids who enjoy Coco’s company. Over the years she has become Beth’s sidekick of sorts. In addition to being a great companion to Beth, she’s also a great watchdog. But if you’re sitting down, beware: You may find yourself with a 100-pound lap dog sitting on you, eager for attention.

If you want to be entered into the iPad drawing, you can:

1. Refer a friend or family member 2. Bring in a pet item for the Humane Society 3. Take a selfie in our office and tag us on Facebook

“I recommend Robinson Dental because of the excellent care and attention my family has always received.” -Molly S.

Do you have any family pets? If so, let us know next time you’re in the office! We love sharing war stories from training Coco!


502 W. Randall St. Coopersville, MI 49404


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Would You Like Some Pi? The Best Ways to Celebrate the Big Green Day Who Is Your 4-Legged Family Member? Learn How to Win an iPad! Stay Stateside With These Little-Known St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations





A Little Luck in America’s Heartland O’Neill, Nebraska, is home to the world’s largest shamrock and more unique St. Patrick’s Day traditions. This Irish community doubles down on its heritage every March with a traditional parade, music, and Irish dancing. But the town also hosts a popular dodgeball

There’s no place quite like Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day. What was once a purely religious holiday to honor the legend of St. Patrick chasing all

the snakes out of the country has turned into a global celebration. But if a trip to Ireland isn’t in the budget, check out these three little-known stateside destinations that are just as festive.

tournament and donkey basketball. What could be better than pummeling your opponents in dodgeball and outpacing the competition while riding a donkey in the school gymnasium? Perhaps enjoying a pint or two with your teammates afterward. And O’Neill is just the spot to do it.

Short and Sweet in Arkansas Thanks to the clever thinking of some Irish friends meeting for a pint at a bar on one of the shortest streets in the world, Bridge Street in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the First Ever 17th Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade will travel 98 feet once again this

Ohio’s Little Piece of Ireland You may not be able to fly to Ireland, but you can visit a little piece of it right in the U.S. Head to Dublin, Ohio, this St. Patrick’s Day for a traditional celebration sure to put a wee bit o’ pep in your step. Partake in a traditional Irish breakfast or enjoy a parade complete with bagpipers and Irish dancers. Boasting one of the largest celebrations in the U.S., Dublin is an affordable alternative for those looking to celebrate the Irish way.

year. Don’t assume the turnout isn’t robust just because the distance is staggeringly low. The parade lasts for hours, drawing thousands of people to watch celebrities, musicians, bands, floats, and Miss Arkansas glide by. The event also features a Blarney stone kissing contest and a parade king and queen.


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