EXPLO Emergency Medicine | Sample Schedule

EMERGENCY MEDICINE 2-Week Concentration at EXPLO Boston

Concentrations feature a rotating mix of on-campus work and field visits. Here’s what a typical day in Emergency Medicine could look like.


8:00a Breakfast

9:20 Classroom Activity: Fractures + Splinting 10:30 Guest Speaker: Norton Fire Department

Members of the Norton Fire Department show students how to extract a patient dummy from a car while acting as first responders to a car crash.

11:40 Lunch

12:15p Classroom Activity: Vital Signs Stations

Students take blood pressure and heart rate for their fellow students and EXPLO staff members.

Have questions about our schedule? Contact our Admissions Office at 781.762.7400 or visit explo.org

Trip: Boston Medflight Intubation, Rescue Helicopter Tour, Meeting with first responders.



Return to campus, floor time with advisor group




Evening Activities


Evening Event + Snack

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All information is accurate at the time of publication and subject to change prior to the summer. Contact summer@explo.org for the most up-to-date information

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