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An essential chapter to the Momentum story is our partnership with Sina Pearson. As a visionary textile designer with Momentum, Sina has brought iconic artistic design innovation to the table.

Sina’s interest in textiles began when she was a small child, and her illustrious professional career has spanned 5 decades. As she often says, she just loves fabric and all the materials and simple to com- plex processes to create it. The imaginative and intellectual influence of her photographer father and self-taught landscape designer mother can be found in the passion she brings to her work. For Sina, textile design is rooted in balancing inspiration with a deliberate, yet organic process. Her approach holds reverence for letting every fabric “be what it wants to be” while she seeks to cap- ture moments in time, drawing connections of even the most simple and obscure details. From the blurred view of a passing train to the fine structural details of an architectural façade, she uses real world experiences to guide her design process.

Every Sina Pearson collection tells a unique story. Her soulful travel journeys, love of diverse cul- tures and the beauty of nature help her discover “moments,” while her travel journals and color stories document the textiles’ inspiration of people, places and time.


At the Musuem

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Scandanavia 2.0

M i r a g e

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At the Museum With motifs that are as minimal and spare as the abstract art that inspired them, the At the Museum Collection takes us on a tour of modern art we might find in our favorite museum. Experimenting with graphic elements and limited color palettes, artists in the 1950’s-1960’s explored abstract art and minimalism, creating a new movement that asked the viewer to re- spond directly to their individualistic ideas and the materials used to create their work. The collection includes linear imagery and geometric shapes reminiscent of the period and brings their simplicity to life with colors that range from rich primary hues and fresh mid-tones to neutrals and graphic black and white. All six patterns are woven with bleach-cleanable harsh chemical safe yarns to provide high performance features for the most demanding interiors.

6 patterns, 57 colors

Staircase 541

Inspired by the controlled line drawings of artists like Sol Le Witt and Frank Stella, Staircase has added surface dimension that creates a more tactile experience and enhances the high contrast combinations of each of its 9 color ways. 9 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable

Ovals 542

Like fine pencil lines drawn on a canvas, we weave elon- gated shapes onto a seemingly handcrafted background and create our pattern Ovals. The quietly controlled motifs that create the soothing rhythm remind us of the

work of minimalist artists like Agnes Martin. 9 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable

Fragments 540

Fragments takes its inspiration from Louise Nevelson’s monumental abstract works made of discarded wooden objects found on the streets of New York City. Our mo- tifs, floating on a flat background, show what could be the beginning of a collage of the intricately cut shapes in her iconic pieces. 9 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable

Color Works 543 Inspired by the over-scaled and minimalist paintings by artists like Ellsworth Kelly, Color Works provides a bold and fresh statement of shape, color and form. A leader in the 1960’s abstract expres- sionist movement, Kelly played with simple geometric shapes on flat surfaces bringing new energy to the modern art movement. With its large scale and seemingly random repeat, Color Works also brings excitement to large or small seating pieces. 5 colors | 102,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable Clip 544 Regarded as a pioneer of expressionism, Paul Klee paved the way for other modern artists of the 20th century. Clip recalls the playful forms of Klee’s late experimental works. The fabric’s curved lines are randomly placed in rectangular shapes that intersect on its unique matelassé quilted surface. The mid-scale pattern makes it highly usable for all kinds of seating while its tactile construction feels fresh and modern. 12 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable Mezzotint 545 With a multi-toned surface rich with depth and interest, Mezzotint is at once a very modern and eminently usable texture. Named after the engraving technique that allows for gradations of light and dark tones, Mezzotint is woven with textured yarns designed to mimic wool but are in fact bleach cleanable and harsh chemi- cal safe. This high-performance durable textile will be an instant classic and perform on any kind of upholstered seating. 13 colors | 102,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable

Scandinavia 2.0 “Scandinavia 2.0 Collection is a journey through memories of my family and travels in the Nordic countries. As the granddaughter of four Swedish immigrants, I have always felt at home with the flavors of Scandinavia. The collection explores through texture, pattern and color what resonates with me when I think of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. This is a return visit, done virtually, as I looked though photos taken by me and my father taken on previous trips to a place I love.” - Sina Pearson

7 Patterns, 55 Colors

Archipelago 537

Inspired by the thousands of islands outside of Stock- holm, Archipelago features an expansive repeat. 7 colors | 51,000 D.R.

Seacoast 538

Seacoast is a classic, versatile texture with a beautiful hand and offers a deep, pebbled surface. 9 colors | 94,000 D.R

Aquavit 536

Named after Sweden’s favorite spirits, is a small, multi- color pattern featuring a delicate, ornamental grid. 7 colors | 51,000 D.R.

Bold Plaid 530

The simple, yet graphic quality found in Scandinavian architecture is exaggerated in Bold Plaid. 7 colors | 51,000 D.R.

Tivoli 534

Various colors and tones of triangles march across the fabric’s surface, inspired by Tivoli park’s playful ambiance. 9 colors | 100,000 D.R.

Lapland 531

Inspired by traditional clothing of the Sami who live in the northernmost lands of Finland, Norway and Sweden. 7 colors | 51,000 D.R.

Sweater 533

Sweater has a texture that invites discovery of its mix of color with neutral yarns. 9 colors | 51,000 D.R.

M i r a g e The word Mirage comes from the Latin root meaning “to look at or to wonder at”. It is also defined as an illusion, or something unattainable. The Mirage Collection explores two such experiences, one actual and one imagined. Blurred Plaid is about a moment preserved in my memory, while Rustic is about a place I hoped to see in the future.

2 patterns, 16 colors

Blurred Plaid 527

Blurred Plaid captures the fleeting view from a Shinkan- sen (bullet train) window in color and pattern. 8 colors | 100,000 D.R.

Rustic 528

Woven with a blend of wool and cotton, Rustic exempli- fies everything I imagined the Faroe Islands to be. 8 colors | 45,000 D.R.

L i g h t The Light Collection, Sina Pearson’s newest introduction, is inspired by Norman Foster’s glass dome above Berlin’s Reichstag building that provides a light-infused experience for its visitors and symbolizes the importance of transparency in government workings. The four high-per- formance, bleach cleanable geometric patterns in a variety of scales mimic the structure’s light and dark contrasting shapes and play with texture and color-with-neutral colorways.

4 patterns, 42 colors

Chameleon 520

Chameleon’s horizontal stripe offers a wool-like, yet smooth, comfortable surface. 9 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable

Light 522

The collection’s namesake is inspired by the Reichstag’s glass dome’s architectural elements. 8 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable

Honeycomb 521

Honeycomb’s lustrous yarns provide bleach cleanability, high performance and durability all in one. 9 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable

Sunbeam 523

Sunbeam’s bold linear pattern is inspired by the beams of light that flood Berlin’s iconic glass structure. 16 colors | 90,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable

Architectural Textures The collection is inspired by the many bits and pieces of sights Sina has come across in her travels. The textile structures have a texture not unlike a building or cityscape itself: épingle and ottoman type weaves mimic real or visual building facades. The patterns speak to the horizontal and verti- cal elements that form the basis for architectural structures. Mixing them together in a single environment brings a subtlety and richness of texture to an interior space.

4 patterns, 32 colors

Flicker 500

With its seemingly random horizontal stripe, Flicker captures the subtle patterns that become texture in architecture. 9 colors | 75,000 D.R.

Just Add Plaid 501

Just Add Plaid is a grid pattern that embodies structural building lines in a textural cotton pile épingle weave. 9 colors | 51,000 D.R.

Plaza 502

Plaza features triangular lines that mimic actual patterns found in the streets and sidewalks we use every day. 7 colors | 102,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable

Landmark 503

Landmark is inspired by the iconic buildings that be - come the best of our cities’ landscape. 7 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable

Palm Springs Weekend Designed by Sina Pearson, the collection was inspired by indoor/outdoor living and the best of Palm Springs mid-century architecture. All five high performance Sunbrella Contract® fabrics are bleach cleanable, sunfast and mold and mildew resistant. The patterns feature classic geometric shapes, linear motifs and endless color combinations.

5 patterns, 39 colors

Icon 494

Mimicking the strict geometry of desert cement block wall breezeways, Icon provides a fresh color-with-white palette. 7 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable | Indoor/Outdoor

Terrace 493

Like paving stones in an outdoor space, Terrace is a mid-scale, multi-hued, random geometric pattern. 9 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable | Indoor/Outdoor

Gradient 492

This hexagonal linear design grows from simple to more com- plex with an ultra-long vertical repeat. 13 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable | Indoor/Outdoor

Triangles 491

A simple shape is given unexpected interest through shifting colors and an extended vertical repeat. 5 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable | Indoor/Outdoor

Lines On Stripes 490

Horizontal thick and thin stripes are overlaid with ne lines like shadows on a building facade. 5 colors | 100,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable | Indoor/Outdoor

Everywhere EPU 495

Everywhere EPU 495 is one of our highest performing, most sustainable polyurethanes. It is created utilizing a superior molecular structure that yields reduced environmental impact and increased performance. 30 colors | 1,000,000 D.R. | Bleach Cleanable Superior Sustainability • PVC free • Produced using no water and 56% less energy • Zero waste chemicals and zero solvents in production • GREENGUARD certified

Extreme Performance • Up to 1,000,000 double rubs • Scratch resistant • Superior hydrolysis resistance* at 15 weeks • 27 approved cleaners • No plasticizers, therefore no plasticizer migration* • 10 year warranty

Color Stories

View Color Stories

What’s modern: Red, yellow and blue

Primary colors red, yellow and blue will always look modern, but when the palette was introduced by the Bauhaus architects and designers in 1919 it shook the world. The school brought craftsmen and artists together to create a new architecture and for more than 100 years has stood as the definition of modern design. We celebrate these classic yet modern colors in our May Color Story with Wool Boucle and Wool Structure that blend form and function with highly textured luxurious yarns. The smooth woven surface of Wish contrasts with Blurred Plaid’s seemingly magnified bits of color in its unique weave structure. Looking to bring these colors of the Bauhaus to the outdoors? Confetti Sunbrella Contract® and Everywhere EPU polyurethane offer highly durable, bleach cleanable upholsteries suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Red, yellow and blue. Modern colors for today and tomorrow.

Sina Pearson textiles are now graded-in for easy specification.

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