Garvan Breakthrough magazine - Aug 2018


This image sequence shows a biosensor made from the tiny fluorescent probes of jellyfish. By using this with two‑photon fluorescent imaging microscopy, we can see cancer cells deep inside living tissue. The spread of cancer is a major challenge, because cancers that have spread are much harder to treat. The more likely cancer cells are to separate from each other, the more likely they will spread to other organs. This biosensor shows us how likely it is a pancreatic cancer cell is going to spread beyond the primary tumour – we can then test drugs to see whether they can delay or prevent the spread.

Dr David Herrmann Senior Research Officer, Cancer Invasion and Metastasis

Left, from top: three views from the two-photon microscope as it moves from the outside of the tissue towards the inside. The glow-in-the-dark pancreatic tumour (green) is surrounded by the collagen matrix (purple).

Watch an animation of this experiment at .

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