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A shared background in science and community work has taken Peter and Susanne de Beuzeville on a path to become Garvan Partners for the Future. The ripple effect

“We also had a conversation with our daughter about wanting to leave a percentage of our Wills to a cause we believed in. Because she works in a research field herself she understands how difficult it is to fund work through grants alone, so she was very supportive of our decision to become Garvan Partners for the Future,” says Susanne. “I think everybody wants to leave the world a better place, and by supporting Garvan I know we are helping all of humanity. The research into disease and treatments will go all around the world, including developing countries. That’s extremely important to us,” she adds. “We believe that if we all tell other people, we create a ripple that can then affect a wider group of people. As the ripple grows, it can encourage other people to encourage other people to leave the world a better place.”

Left: With backgrounds in science, Peter and Susanne feel at home on a behind-the- scenes tour of the Garvan labs. Above: Susanne’s 1967 graduation in Science from Sydney Uni.

If you’ve been to a Garvan seminar recently, you’ve likely seen Peter and Susanne de Beuzeville. They’ve been regularly attending events since they heard about the public program four years ago. Garvan is a natural place of interest for Susanne and Peter, who both studied science at the University of Sydney.

“It was an opportunity to volunteer our time on meaningful projects for the community,” says Peter. Susanne adds, “We both went on to teach science. I was a teacher at a girls’ school and it has been my great pleasure

to see several of the girls I taught go on to science careers as well.”

If you would like information about leaving a gift to Garvan in your Will and becoming a Partner for the Future, please contact Donna Mason, Senior Bequest Officer, on (02) 9295 8559, or visit .

“We met through a student club called the University Settlement,

Peter and Susanne are active and still very much involved in their community. “We really like the way Garvan cares about people and the information we receive when we come here,” says Peter, “so we decided to become donors.”

which provided affordable housing to students near the campus in exchange for volunteer work in Redfern and Chippendale,” explains Susanne.

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