Emerson Park Academy

“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.” (Nelson Mandela)

Welcome to Emerson Park Academy

A history of excellence underpins the progressive nature of our school.

Emerson Park Academy creates well-rounded individuals who excel in the arts, academically and on the sporting field.

First-class teaching and the continual drive for excellence are the cornerstones of our practice.

There is something unique about an education at Emerson Park Academy.

The secondary school journey is full of excitement, opportunity and wonder. We would be delighted and proud should you take this journey with us.

Mr Scott McGuinness Headteacher

History of the school

Emerson Park Academy is a mixed comprehensive academy for pupils aged 11-16 years.

Since September 1999, circa 200 pupils have been admitted annually in response to parental demand.

The Academy can trace its roots back to 1943 when it began life as the only Grammar School in the country to be established during World War Two. It moved to its present site in 1954 and became a comprehensive school in 1973.

The Academy is set in spacious and attractive grounds overlooking the IngrebourneValley.

Emerson Park Academy has a full complement of committed and highly qualified specialist teaching and support staff. The school is most fortunate to benefit from such a talented, hard-working workforce.

“Pupils have a clear understanding about what it is like to live in modern Britain and report that bullying or discrimination very rarely happens. They put this down to the effective way the school deals with incidents and the good level of care.” (OFSTED)

Academic Excellence Excellent academic standards are the cornerstone of success at Emerson Park Academy. We have an array of highly qualified teachers who have the talent to inspire their pupils. This determination to offer inspiration spills out far beyond the standard curr iculum and timetable into a host of provisions aimed at captur ing the imagination of our pupils and harnessing their desire to gain knowledge. At Emerson Park Academy it is always our aim to achieve excellence in study, research, personal endeavour, leadership and intellectual pursuit. When our pupils arrive at school each day there will be new things to learn and discover. Excellent grades are a given, but being a hard- working, well-rounded character with a wealth of experience both in and out of the classroom will ensure success in whatever their chosen paths.

“Pupils work very well together in lessons and their good behaviour is a noticeable feature of the school. They apply themselves well to the tasks they are set and take pride in their work. Much of this is because pupils have a keen sense of what is right and know how to mix with others.They have good relationships with their peers and teachers and report that everyone gets on well.” (OFSTED) “Another factor is the academy’s excellent engagement with parents and carers, including through its productive parent-teacher association. Parents and carers are informed about the academy’s work and their views are sought regularly.” (OFSTED)

Outstanding teaching and learning We aim to support our pupils’ educational growth in mind, body and spirit, to build upon their prior learning, develop their potential and prepare them for the future. We strive to offer the highest standards in teaching and learning in order to maximise the achievement of all pupils. We aim to make learning interesting and enjoyable. We seek to develop enquiring minds with an appetite for knowledge. As a school we are continually looking at innovative ways to develop our practice in line with new technologies, ensuring lessons are delivered with pace, clarity and purpose. We are proud of the quality of teaching evident throughout the school and sharing outstanding practice is fundamental to our future achievements. Recruiting and retaining teachers of the highest calibre has always been vital to the success of Emerson Park Academy.

“Pupils have positive attitudes to learning; the vast majority carry on education when they leave Emerson Park. Good spiritual, moral, social cultural development is evident in pupils’ relationships, their respect fo and consideration of others’ views, a

Curriculum The Emerson Park Academy curriculum aims to offer a broad balance of essential and wider experiences so that each child can find something they enjoy and something in which they can succeed. We will provide an inclusive range of opportunities, engaging with every pupil to achieve their full potential in a learning culture that is challenging, stimulating, inspirational and enjoyable.

their confidence in discussing cultural and moral issues.”

We aim to help our pupils:


• develop lively and enquiring minds, capable of questioning intelligently and arguing rationally; • apply themselves to tasks and develop physical skills; • acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and employment in a rapidly changing world; • instil respect for religious and moral values and tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life; • understand the world in which they live, and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations; • use number and language effectively. The aim of the curriculum in the first three years is to provide a stimulating, broad and balanced education. InYears 10 and 11 pupils will follow more specialised pathways preparing them for further study and, in time, the world of work. Throughout their five years at Emerson Park Academy the curr iculum is r ich, diverse and flexible. It is designed to encourage all to develop as independent thinkers with lively and enquiring minds.

One of our greatest beliefs is that pupils with broad experience of extra-curricular activities are more prepared, better educated and have greater confidence to express their talent. Opportunities beyond the curriculum

n in n


or and

In short, they are more fulfilled, more employable and more interesting people.


Emerson Park Academy is a vibrant place to be educated.

Each day a whole array of extra-curricular clubs and activities can be seen in action.

“Activities at lunchtime and after school extend pupils’ experiences effectively.There is a wide range of activities to choose from and pupils said that they enjoyed these a great deal, especially sports where they said the school pushes them to be a member of a team.” (OFSTED)

Sport Sport plays a pivotal role in the life of a pupil at Emerson Park Academy.The sporting specialism is part of the way we live and learn here at Emerson Park Academy.The emphasis continues to grow on sporting participation and enjoyment. The rewards programme, based on the Olympic and Paralympic values (PRIDE) runs alongside the inter-house competitions that all pupils regularly take part in. A variety of sporting initiatives such as team-building activities, The Emerson Park Football Academy, European sports tours, National school sports week and school games competitions promote the opportunity for pupils to be more active and take part in competitive school sport. We specifically aim to raise standards of health and fitness, to develop student leadership and responsibility and offer outstanding opportunities in sport. Within the local community we take a leading role in developing school sport through the Havering Sports collective (consisting of Primary and Secondary schools within the London Borough of Havering). The mission of this initiative is to maintain the highest standards of provision for all young people in Havering whilst developing opportunities for leadership and cultural awareness within sport.

“The Academy provides good support for a healthy lifestyle, as reflected in its Healthy School and Sportsmark awards; participation rates in sport are very high and a range of healthy school meals are available and chosen by pupils.” (OFSTED)

Alumni At Emerson ParkAcademy we are particularly proud of the achievements of our alumni.

So many of our pupils go on to successful careers in a broad range of industries.

Many of our pupils progress to further and higher education with outstanding results. Sam and Imogen left Emerson Park Academy with ten grade nines each at GCSE. Such achievement is a measure of the dedication to excellence shown by pupils, parents and staff and we continue to ensure each of our pupils fulfil their potential.

Pastoral support & the House System Our Pastoral System is based around five year teams. Each year contains eight form groups with each form having a FormTutor. The work of the Form Tutor is co-ordinated and guided by the Head of Year, under the direction of a member of the Senior Team. Each pupil is also a member of a House.There are four houses and this system allows for competitions in academic and sporting events. The Academy prides itself on the care, help and support offered to its pupils and when problems arise they are dealt with promptly. This support,we believe, helps the pupils to thrive and enjoy school. Every effort is made to maintain close links with parents and carers, who will be contacted at an early stage if difficulties arise. Parents are encouraged to contact the appropriate FormTutor or Head of Year if there are any concerns. .

“My son started Emerson Park Academy three years ago. He was very nervous, but with the help and support of all the staff he has matured into a very confident young man. His latest report is outstanding.” (Parent of Year 9 pupil)

Links with home

The Academy regards its partnership with parents and carers as extremely important for the well-being and outstanding progress of our pupils and we endeavour to inform, involve and consult fully with parents.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school immediately if they have any concerns.

Individual progress reports are prepared for each pupil and careful monitoring of these reports will ensure each child fulfils their potential. Annual Parents’ Evenings are held to enable parents to meet with the individual teachers, the Headteacher and other staff . Each year the Academy holds an open evening for parents to visit the school prior to children transferring to secondary education. Emerson Park Academy has an active and enthusiastic Parent Teacher Association. The group have supported the Academy in a number of ways including the provision of extra funds through a var iety of fundraising activities and events. Such events not only raise funds but bring the Emerson Park Academy community together. The Parent Teacher Association is always looking to welcome new members to the team and details can be found on the Academy website.

“Education is not the learning of the facts, but the teaching of the mind to think.” (Albert Einstein)

More able At Emerson Park Academy we understand the importance of ensuring that every pupil aspires to reach their full potential, especially those that are likely to exceed in all subject areas.The Academy’s aims emphasise that teachers will meet the needs of students of all abilities and that they will motivate students in order for them to become independent learners.Alongside strong classroom teaching, we also offer a variety of extra-curricular activities desired to stretch and challenge our able learners.Additional activities include:

The Scholars Programme and Brilliant Club.This programme allows our students to work closely with a PhD tutor

and learn all about their area of expertise. • British Council competitions.This year, our students won theWorld Speech Day competition which was open to schools nationwide. • BBCYoung Reporter competitions • University trips. Our students have been fortunate enough to visit Oxford, Cambridge, Royal Holloway and SOAS over the last two years. • Independent challenges available on our website • Mensa testing • STEM challenges • Theatre trips • Challenge reading lists

• Master classes on challenging

extra-curricular topics including Politics, Law, Japanese Literature, Philosophy, Games Design, Forensic Investigation and Psychology.

Beyond outstanding education Emerson ParkAcademy is about more than just results. We believe that a school’s success should be measured by much more than grades. Many of the best parts of an outstanding education are unmeasurable other than by meeting the pupils themselves. Confidence, ability to work in a team, leadership qualities, ability to serve others, strength of character, generosity, creativity and imagination: these are things that really count in life and make a pupil from Emerson Park Academy stand out and ready to make a great contribution to society. By always looking, thinking and moving forward we believe that Emerson Park Academy will support each pupil to endeavour, persevere and achieve on their journey to personal excellence.

Wadham College - University of Oxford

Emerson Park Academy Wych Elm Road, Hornchurch, Essex, RM11 3AD

T: 01708 475 285 | F: 01708 620963 E: info@emersonparkacademy.org | W: emersonparkacademy.org

Headteacher : Mr Scott McGuinness

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